Failure to incapacity will be expensive: loss of sickness and a fine of 20 thousand

People mourn me for a while, but more often than not. Last year, even for each quarter of the inspection, violations of the incapacity for work regime were suspected. Those and thousands of people thus drank for sick leave.

According to Pavel Gejdoe’s spokesman for the Czech Social Security Administration, although the number of people with disabilities has been declining for a long time, the controls are more thorough. Before five years, they checked every tinctho patient, last year there were about seven.

The reason is the effort to prevent the sickness insurance system. People suffer me for incapacity for work, but on the other hand, they often violate the regime of incapacity for work

“In 2005, we were suspected of violating the regime in 20 percent of inspections, in 2010 in 26 percent,” says Gejdo.

If the regime of temporary incapacity for work of the jury, in addition to shortening or taking sickness and for a period of one calendar days, it may affect fines up to 20 thousand crowns.

You will get it in case of a special call. So, if you are temporarily incapacitated for work, you will be able to work at work, but also at home in the garden and in the field, without the consent of the doctor. In this case, this physical effort can separate your recovery and return to work.

Employees of the district administration of social security control the patient, both on the basis of a sufficient number of employers, a number of jobs, students and assessments, and on their own initiative. Focus on the inability to work for a long time, but also on cases where someone wastes short-term, but repeated.

Control everything so that patients, even in cities with asthma, are unable to work. And so insured persons who have been guilty of the past or who have been found by the breached employer.

Last year, most inspections took place in the Moravian-Silesian and Central Bohemian regions, while the least in the Zlín and Liberec regions.

Check vs me and the employer

From the fourth to the 21st day, the employer pays the wages to the sick employees. In this period, the control is compliant with the incapacity regime at nm. If you find out that someone did not know how, I can take or withdraw the wage payment.

Some employers provide so-called sick days as a benefit to their employees. That is, the days after which without confirmation lkae stay with short-term illness. For example, esk spoitelna does this for its employees for five days, SOB for three days.

esk spoitelna did not check its employees at all in 2010, SOB helped eight employees with the help of an external organization. One of them violated Lebn Reim and fought for the payment of wages.

Originality when exchanging speeches knows no boundaries

During their work, the control staff often encounter the interceptions of patients who do not catch up during the control. Most often, people in incapacity for work make excuses that they were at home during the inspection, but they slept and did not hear the bell.

Among the original contracts, according to the meaning of the SSZ, for example:

– “I didn’t hear the bell because it had the range of a wireless bell.”

– “I don’t have an apartment marked because the kids are taking it off my kids.”

– “I mowed in the garden for the necks, because my mother-in-law declared that I was flaxseed and could do something.”

– “At home under breelo chor dt, so I marodit to my mother.”

– “After the divorce of manners pespvm in the car.”

– “I apologize for my insensitivity with a boiler blast.”

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