f counseling: Debts at home and those who never thought about financially

Due to the loss of labor, people with medium incomes and aged 55 and over are also starting to get into debt. Some households are not ready for a long-term view of new employment and have financial reserves, it is not necessary.

“Today, the current economic situation is threatened not only by those who have less work experience and qualifications, but also by those who have relatively good qualifications and thought that they could never drink at work,” said David mejkal, director of the Counseling Center. more financially.

Your free counseling service has been running for three years, how many people have sought help?
More than 45,000 clients turned to us for advice, of which about 65 percent used telephone counseling lines.

Have you been growing a client recently?
Yes. We register you people who never thought they could get into financial money. Some did not even form a bottom reserve because they did not anticipate that they could be released. The employers had to cut the bag due to economic sweat and reduce the sweat of experienced and long-term workers, let’s record a lot of such cases.

The economic situation therefore has a sharp impact on the indebted people

Urit, this trend is very strong. Dismissal, loss of debt and reduction of regular income is the main cause, for the people can not meet their bonds. Finann reserves created in the past do not happen to them. The way out of this problem, I can only improve the overall economic situation.

Can you name a specific case that you have now helped to solve?
A typical example is Manelsk pr. He worked in a manufacturing company, had many years of experience, although he was unexpectedly busy and could not find work. His wife is a general manager, I have a very big income. manel did not create a long-term financial reserve and they did not even have a car that they could sell. After two months, they did not have time to pay it or give it their bonds, and they began to be in arrears at first with 10 thousand crowns. When they drank advice, they owed her a total of 350 thousand crowns to those creditors, two of which were non-bank providers, incl. The families were threatened with extortion and possible execution.

Has this threat been averted?
Zatm se zd, e ano. But always bad on a specific case. In such a situation, debtors must realize that it is necessary to radically change the life habits of giving up their retired people, to accept any job, you a job, regardless of qualifications and work experience. And to spend the rest of your free time actively looking for new work. You have to find out how much the food costs and give the necessary expenses.

How much financial reserve should a family have to cope with the decline in regular income?
The reserve should be at least in the total number of households. It is certain that it is not possible to create such a large reserve at the meeting of a working career. Gradually, after small pieces and with the use of, for example, savings bags, such reserves can be reached.

If a hunter loses his job, how should he think?
You need to quickly realize what is going to happen, and there will be a financial reserve, or the amount you received as severance pay. Six you need all the bundles, therefore, payments related to housing, payments for telephone, internet and gave regular expenses, including any installments, incl. If the financial reserve is too low, it is necessary to communicate with potential creditors, two of them, before you stop paying your bonds. This gives you a better negotiating position with your creditors so that you can pay your bills for a period of time according to a changed payment schedule.

Some law enforcement agencies want to push for the debtors to be fined and their names published. How to watch such an activity?
It is important to take into account that the EU has the protection of private and individual data. If there is information about the debts of the public, such cases must be uncompromisingly notified to the Personal Data Protection Board so that it can read them. In the event that such data would be published by installments of a non-banking company, which is a member of the Czech Leasing and Financial Association, it is good to exchange the initiative there as well. Should such a thing occur in the banking sector, it is possible to contact the Czech Banking Association or the Czech National Bank.

Have you encountered such a case?
Yes, they did. Even not far from the city where one of our branches operates. On the big sticker was written the name long, his date of birth and the name he owed. There was no stupid big debt, which surprised us. We photographed Glepka and provided esk leasing and a financial association so that, according to us, she could read and discuss this unfair practice in her own hands.

Do you have several counseling centers in different regions, do you notice any differences?
D se ci, e ano. In remote areas, such as Olomouc, Umbria, Frdlant region, or other regions in Karlovy Vary and Trutnov, we pay for a relatively large amount of ignorance of clients, who often find offers from non-government providers of consumer goods and so-called separation agencies. In Prague and in large cities, the people are careful, most of them would not sign the jade.

According to the amendment, the provider of the company should be thoroughly inspired by the law on consumer sores and the applicant, is this really the case?
let’s not notice the bottom change for the better. Next, let’s meet with clients who were offered a consumer in a situation where they obviously could not meet, they had no income or property. All they had were bundles. However, some providers gave them pensions, although it must have been absolutely clear to them that they would not be able to meet.

What do such a leader watch, why are they willing to drink even indebted people?
It can only be estimated. Probably they want to use the possibility of execution to affect social clients, which is in the Czech Republic, unlike Germany and Austria, mon. For us, the length and storage of goods in material need remain real without resources, the payment of social doors can be affected by execution, and the unserigator has to create his own income on the growth in the first way.

How many lengths did you help write her enough for the court to allow them to file for personal bankruptcy?
There will be about a thousand of them. In addition to processing the proposal for the department, we provided them with free advice on how to go through this process. We acquainted them with what a separate and personal bankruptcy means and that it has in its wickedness. If he has given the income, which he receives during the period of separation, and in the form of a certificate also from the remuneration of the employer, he must hand over the creditors through his insolvency administrator. that their name will be recorded in the insolvency register for a long time, what he will give them in the future.

It is generally believed that a debtor in personal bankruptcy can repay only 30 percent of the debt and the rest will be forgiven by the court. Is that really the case?
Finally, the debtor must repay at least 30 percent over five years, plus the cost of insolvency proceedings, which are about one thousand crowns a month. From the cases we helped to read, the client will pay 40 and 45 percent of all his volumes during the five-year installment calendar. It can be even more and there are also clients who repay and 100 percent of their debt.

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