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The failure of the financial market is forcing the European state to take unprecedented measures to stop the number of budget deficits. After years of the European social model, he is now emphatic. He suggests that the biggest action in disputes in DJs is taking place.

The debt crisis is in full swing and the European country has owed itself to two: The most affected countries have been forced to act quickly and, in total, have promised hundreds of billions of euros in disputes in the coming years. The kind of category, including the Czech Republic, is about to stick to the disputes and the disputes are just getting ready.

Dramatic mole on the back of the day

In the last few years, the vast majority of European countries have increased their budget deficits, even in times of global economic growth. On the contrary, the country has consistently failed to meet its debts. It now turns out that the debts have grown to such an extent that a number of people will have to meet them.

Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and, last but not least, Germany’s largest trading partner are determined to reduce the pace of debt below the Maastricht criteria over the past five years. He gave and gave the earth get ready for this step.

For the last time, Hungary and Bulgaria have announced a significant increase in the budget deficit this year, and further dramatic controversial measures will not be avoided. In general, the entry of the European Union sticks to it because of the expensive debt in the past, not in the case of the euro area countries.

We are not behind the water in all of them

There is no situation in the Czech Republic. Debt has taken place at a high pace in recent years. Although total debt to GDP is below average in Europe, paradoxically, this may not mean anything. Then our main business partners can affect everything, not the debts themselves.

Disputed measures in other European countries will affect economic growth, where more than 80% of Czech exports go. However, other world economies, including the USA and Japan, cannot avoid it. This could affect the profitability of Czech companies with an impact on employment and investment.

The Czech economy has grown into debt and it will not be easy to get rid of this difference. Although the number of this year’s deficit does not develop as dramatically as in other countries, today we need to find resources of 10 billion crowns just to keep the deficit of 163 billion crowns. Due to the situation in Europe, the situation could worsen.

Who pays the most for necessary disputes?

In addition to the private sector, the majority of those who are on transfers from these sources pay more for disputes from public budgets. Although our VAT is unlikely to pass, the parents of the governing coalition promise to change mainly on the spending of the budget.

Beneficiaries of various types of doors and pensions can be honored at risk. With a few exceptions, sttn employees cannot meet their salary. Even a university student who is about to introduce participation in their education cannot be at ease.

In the coming years, it will be very difficult to escape controversial measures, which can be followed. So far, the debate is only about dreaming the pace of debt and not about dreaming of the total debt that will have to follow. Europe has a long period of fulfillment and low growth.

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