Even under the new rules, some buyers are still at their own risk

Petr Kuera from the Beskydy Mountains found a new car with which he can handle mountain terrain in any weather. He went around several car showrooms, not found the right target that suited the field. The car looked like new, but the newspaper knew that he was lying to me and that he could also drink about his car.

If the owner of his car had been stolen and damaged, he would have to drill it for him, he would pay for it. This is not the case today.

Until the end of last year, it really could have happened that if Mr. Petr bought a car in a car showroom, he could drink.

The new civilian end of the situation mn. If Mr. Petr bought a car in a foreign store today and was very good at becoming its owner (he paid the purchase price for it and took over the car), no one would be able to take the car from him later. The car was driven for a kilometer, but the seller claimed that it was a pedestrian to him. Mr. Petr had no reason not to know the seller.

Find out here who should have influenced the situation. The buyer in a regular store cannot know whether the seller has paid for the goods, he is the owner and actually has the right to sell the goods. That is why the buyer becomes the owner even if the seller is not the owner, because explains that the car belonged to the importer or the manufacturer, explains the first František Korbel.

Beware of pawn shops and bazaars

If you buy used things, that is, if you want to teach and put you in a pawn shop and bazaar, where there is a probability that you do not belong to the seller, you can have a deal. Here, the buyer must assume that he is buying at his own risk, and if the original owner has been alienated within a few years of its loss, the buyer is obliged to hand over the original to the original owner, Korbel explains.

If someone buys you furniture in other circumstances, for example from someone who works for an office, or from a neighbor or a friend, a good return is not expected. In case of a problem, it is only up to him to prove his good faith. If the original owner proves that everything was stolen from him and lost it, his ownership will have his first priority and the new owner will have to shed the furniture.

There may be situations where a person who is good to buy a mobile phone, for example in a pawn shop, and therefore acquires ownership and will want to buy a phone from them. This bag says that the phone is originally stolen and the seller has not had to sell it for the first time.

However, the legalization of stolen goods is still not possible, because the owner’s first or good faith of his predecessor cannot be invoked to his advantage by those who acquired movable property with the knowledge that it was originally a stolen goods, to the first Korbel.

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