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He studied art and immediately after the revolution he wanted to do business in this field. Only saw problems, then illness and business took St. Only after eight years could he close again. In his account of many things, his palms are known in many countries of the world, but he also satisfies his grandmother, who needs to make a hoe.

How did you work umleakho metale note, emeslm in days dob quite unusualm, dostal?
The mother, a graduated puppet, led to artistic craftsmanship from an early age. At home, we devoted ourselves to selfishness, foreign metal, so I then went to study the Central Vocational School of Arts and Crafts in Prague, and after graduating, I joined the now defunct Zvod umleck kovovroby (ZUKOV). During my studies, I worked with my team in my spare time during his time and tried various technologies of artistic metalworking.

What are you under tm mme pedstavit?
I made small products for my relatives and birds, and at the same time I tried to create my free work.

Foryou were the time when you were an employee of stcompany?
Yes, right after completing the round, I joined the national company Zukov, where I worked for a long time. There I learned a lot of craftsmanship from my old colleagues, I still pay for it.

And what was dl?
Before entering the military service, I managed to work in this company as a master of vocational education. When I fidgeted from the war, the company collapsed, also after the revolution, many of my colleagues either moved to smaller newly established companies or established their own long-term business. This basically made it possible to establish two colleagues from Kovsko-Passau, but after two years we introduced a long due to disagreements in our opinions on a craft order.

V in did you disagree?
Even though we did not have a big name at the time and we rented in the rented space of the farm, the hastily beaten orders did not satisfy me. Even though it was so bad then.

Skonil you therefore, and what nwatched?
For some time I started a long time with my former companion, where we had the same idea for the craft, which was probably the fact that we had the same master on the bike. The work of the VN was suddenly completely different, and we gradually began to cooperate with renowned companies, for example, with the introduction of bells or with the prestige of the restoration pass.

On did you cooperate with?
We have collaborated with you on the restoration of the equestrian statue of South of Podbrady to the capital in Podbrady. I work with this company to this day, for which I am very grateful. I drank a lot with them. I worked for the town of Podbrady to go several times, during the restoration of the original spring to two houses, which was made only according to the imprint on the wall and preserved period photographs. I can thus change the reconstruction of the Gothic wrought iron for two, which Jik z Podbrad went through.

But then you had to emeslo povsit na hebk. What happened?
In 1995, Peru, my business illness and I could not work in the field. For several years I worked as an employee in ceramic debt. When I became a member of the Sdruen of Fine Arts-Ceramics in 1998, I also sought my free work in the field of ceramic sculpture and sculpture.

The disease you are fromejm pemohl, because, as can be seen, dltoo mucht kove note.
Yes, after about eight years, the disease subsided and he re-established his metalwork. Since 2010 I have been teaching art of pastures and metals on the Central Wheel of Arts and Crafts, where I have been used in these fields. At the same time, I continue my business, doing metal and belt work. I work with architects both to restore the memory and to realize the current interiors and exteriors. My practice is also used by my fellow artists and sculptures. According to them, they are dedicated to their own free creation, an average of two years under the condition of their creation.

Takov kovsk long sure needs perfect equipped. Co vechno you had to buy for how much ins vyly vstupn investment?
It was not easy to get a long time to get a business. Either it was old, it was worn out, or it was new, but at my price it was not available. Large machines, such as a hammer that you use very often, have become difficult.

Where did you finally get it?
At the arrest, when I set up a long time, we complicated the purchase of the hammer from the collective farm, which they canceled after the revolution. Today, efforts are being made in this regard, as the offer of the machine is enormous. However, entering a metal shaft is quite expensive, because this field uses many technologies. However, it is important to cooperate, and from my practice I use the knowledge that the boys, who are looking to start a business right after the round, join the small smelter and cooperate with each other.

How much will the new locks come out for?
My estimate today, the length for two metals in the base could be equipped for about two hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand crowns. Even if the cage has the right metal, you can make sm.

What did you make?l and zawhat do you make today?
When I started, most of them were money changers and simple metalwork. We chose you, a drill or a candle. And over time, we came to the so-called better deals. Logically, we had a dark client and a better clientele. Today I am going to reconstruct and restore the memory, but as I said, I also work with a number of architects, I will also be able to do modern things.

Do you have to tell the young generation, what about metal?
The metal is lined with black crafts, one of the oldest, and processed mainly by iron.

And who is a passport?
The pottery of the Passk craft dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries, to the time of the rhythmic glory, when it was necessary to develop a special representative and protective department for fighting and tournaments. The production of ps. He hung me on the dog and used to have a rhythmic sign. A group of specialists separated from the metal, and in addition to brn, plates, helmets, me, tta and other crafts, passports were also created.

What did they do?
They made dogs and various ornaments of artery and raen from copper, brass, gold, silver and black. The ancient man tore his pockets, so the people often wore belts, on which they hid various ages, in which they hid pensions, tongs and various trifles.

Have you ever forged as a metal?
I never forged a horse, but I was there. But I know that only a few horseshoes can reconcile with the horse so that it can be forged in time. Dogs prefer me and they don’t, for good. (smch)

Who are youi typit zkaznci?
Typical customers are the first architects, but also fellow artists. I work mostly on the recommended. The people from the street are also destroyers, you the ones who saw my work at friends, acquaintances and neighbors. When a long time comes, there is a bit of a threat that he wants to stretch and pebble the hoe ir, rdi pebrousme. Let’s also meet the guys who need to bake bastards in the village.

Except that the companyte, tak ute. How can this be combined? Zbv vm as na nco jinho?
It is possible to combine it and wheels, where um, even in t. I involve these students in practice, the others have it in the curriculum, too, the boys know how it works in reality. If I am left, I am free to create. She floats.

What is vs for ivnostnky in souasn dob nejvt brake?
The biggest brake is the first bureaucracy stuffed on small businesses.

Uiv vs vae prce ivnostnka?
Yes, even in m total time. The family supports me and I am worth it.

m se v businessn dte?
so that I don’t have to be ashamed of my work.

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