esk spoitelna continued to keep the income from the mortgage, from banks at least

The income needed for the mortgage will fall. Applicants from the model deposit for the mortgage in 1.6 million crowns cost 18 thousand crowns of the same month. For the first time, esk spoitelna joined the repeated survey of the editorial office and published its demand for a minimum income.

With its investment requirements, Spoitelna has become one of the few banks. Applicants and individuals from the sample will pay 1.6 million crowns for a mortgage, where each will amount to 19 thousand crowns. This recipient is one of the most suitable SOB and Komern banka.

A family with one child will succeed at esk spoitelny with a total monthly income of 20 thousand crowns, which is by far the least, it does not require the vast majority of the other 12 banks, which are regularly surveyed.

On the other hand, unlike in previous years, GE Money Bank refused to disclose the requirements for the mortgage applicant’s income, even though it did not change the parameters of the example. “The minimum income of both applicants is different for different types of products and it is not possible to count as much as it will be,” said Pavel Zbek, the bank’s decision to press it.

Not only Hypoten banka and mBank require last year’s income

While the vast majority of banks reduced the applicant’s income by one hundred crowns, Hypoten banka reduced the number of hundred crowns for both applicants and mBank only for the first applicant.

Komern banka became the jumper of the year. While a year ago it was one of the leading banks, this year in a positive sense it “fell” among banks that tolerate even income. In addition, she reduced her claims by several thousand crowns. An individual succeeds with less than 19 thousand crowns, a family with 26 thousand crowns.

Traditionally, the highest income must be obtained by the applicant for a mortgage with Raiffeisenbank – the individual applicant must even take ten thousand crowns (28 thousand crowns) compared to the requirement of Volksbank (18,012 crowns). The highest income – 30,500 crowns – must have a family at mBank.

years rates ly down

Given that the applicant wants to draw a mortgage of 1.6 million crowns to buy a two million apartment, offer them banks up to 80, resp. 85 percent of the property value of the property.

In addition to classic mortgages with a fixed annual rate, which does not change for the selected fixed period (in our case five years), many banks also offer mortgages with a variable annual rate, the market determines it and it is constantly changing. The client will meet this mortgage, for example, at GE Money Bank, LBBW Bank or UniCredit Bank.

Nabzen hypoten product
esk spoitelna nov Hypotka S
UNDER UNDER 85% Hypotka
GE Money Bank Mortgage with a fixed annual rate
Mortgage bank bn Hypoten fr
Komern bank Hypoten for Klasik
LBBW Bank classic Mortgage
mBank mHypotka Light
Potovn spoitelna Era hypotka
Raiffeisenbank Hypoten for Klasik
UniCredit Bank Hypoten vr Individual
or Hypoten vr Flexi
Volksbank Standardn hypoten vr do 80 %
Wstenrot hypoten banka Mortgage Wstenrot for the position of own housing
Source: Banks

This year, as well as last year, compared to the previous year, there were lower annual rates on mortgages. All banks, except for the traditional years of the Raiffeisenbank rate (5.49 percent), fell below five percent.

The client will meet the latest annual rate of 3.84 percent at the new Hypotka esk spoitelna, which the bank introduced last week.

These rates are also related to their annual installments, not as banks demanded last year. In installments, for most banks it is around ten thousand crowns (from 10,045 crowns to Wstenrot and to 10,419 crowns to UniCredit Bank), in the case of esk spořitelna, GE Money Bank and Komern banka it fell below ten thousand crowns.

Clients will pay the most at Raiffeisenbank, the bank requires a monthly payment of CZK 10,997.

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