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Do you have a holiday embargo allowed at work, while a colleague from the company next door has to exhaust at least a week in June and by the end of the year? Businesses now allow their people to be intuitive and otherwise. Nkde ji i krt.

While Minister for Urban Development Klra Dostlov would like to encourage Czech companies to distribute vouchers for domestic holidays, many companies do not even know if their employees on summer holidays in the field at this time.

Companies are individual. Some have given people a holiday by ordering a quarantine arrest, but now it is the case that many people are either at home or for oathing. Businesses secretly lost, put on care, to Barbora Tomovsk from headhuntersk agency Touchdown. Like companies, employees are also involved. Far from every holiday, especially if he stayed at home during the pandemic, wants to leave.

Many people are at home with the children when it comes out and on May 25 they go to the bike, so they will be there for five weeks and again two months at home. Abroad, it is permissible, in the country it will bloom as the situation develops. A lot of people think about their holidays and focus on hitting their work, think Barbora Tomovsk.

Pichz time shortened

Companies that could not transfer their employees to the home office or have a large family, had to work for many weeks with fewer people at work. And somewhere they drew quick consequences. In response to a relatively large number of cases involving a family member and the like, I canceled those days of additional leave, which were the subject of a collective agreement. We are reducing some bonuses, retiring and reducing the number of employees by 5 percent, to Zdenk Chrdle, CEO of AD, which has 1,700 employees.

In order to always have enough people to change to order, the Moraviapress printing house in Blavlav also looked. We have the current stop, or only allow the highest instances according to the current status. This is the responsibility of the individual managers so that the current operation and the associated administrative processes are ensured, notes Ji Myk, CEO of Walstead Moraviapress.

Elsewhere, think of the mole, which allows them to end work. Probably the most common reason will be the permission to be allowed in the case when the employee does not do the work for the ladies. These measures include incapacity for work or, for example, the first member of the family. Therefore, if an employee is so-called incapacitated or incumbent, I will collect a total of more than 100 days, I will be allowed to be reduced by one twelfth, even more in the case of another 21 days of absence, explains Ondej itika from the branch of the international law firm Noerr .

The Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague also wants to follow this rule in the coming weeks. In the case of reduced leave, we proceed in accordance with the end of the work: if the employee locks more than 100 working days, the leave will be reduced, according to Aneta ehkov.

The safety device can also be prepared in Direct Connection for possible shortening. We want to approach our cases humanly and wisely. We know about this possibility, if we approach the baptism, then we will go out for unlimited time, to Nela Maaej from Direct pojiovny. The so-called unlimited free time here, employees can choose what they have left. He must be done so as not to endanger the functioning of his darkness, explains Nela Maay.

Home office on lto

Those companies that have been able to send a house to their employees for most of their agendas during their general measures, leave their people in their home offices and beyond. Even though our two children will start their bikes on May 25, I will still be working from home, because bikes and others will be less common and do not cover my entire working hours, then travel to work, to Lada, who lived 25 kilometers from Brno, where he works as a bank clerk. It is proven that the same model will work throughout the summer holidays.

But nco for nco. Although administrative companies do not access limited days of summer leave, they know that a free hand is paid only if the employees agree with each other and divide the free time so that the work does not stop.

The effort is to reach a reasonable understanding. Klov is now the head of dark leaders. For now, it is possible, of course, to recommend this system on summer holidays. However, during the crisis, the general home office proved its worth, we are equipped for it, it will also be combined, points out Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny.

Choose. Ideln now

At the same time, the company is allowed to leave one year or choose it first. Most companies want employees to choose a vacation by the end of the year, to Barbora Tomovsk from the Touchdown agency. We came to the right place, when we recommended to our employees seven days from this year’s holiday for the holidays to be taken by June 30, to Zuzana Filipov from Moneta Money Bank.

The largest Czech manufacturer of sanitary ware, Alca plast, entered in a similar way. st employees took a vacation during the quarantine, to head of marketing Petr Neumann. He gave compulsory holidays of the week preparing businesses for the holidays. We do not comply with the limited holiday, but each employee must choose a minimum of 14 days, to Robert imek, director of the Moravian-Krumlov Retex. According to the employers, they will not be endangered this year, to which the people are accustomed, at the same times. We did not have to suspend production during the crisis, so we will stick to the original fullness. This year we will have a company-wide holiday at the end of July and August, in total it will be 10 days, to Silvia Drlov from Prvn brnnsk strojrny Velk Bte.

For us, it is important that employees choose a holiday until the end of the year, if in some reasonable mode most of them take a weekly plant-wide leave in August and then ensure a holiday so that the flexibility of production or other departments is not limited, says Radim Linka, general editor of the manufacturer lit BeghelliElplast.

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