Energy will be cheaper. Petahovan for customers her pin benefits

You can read, energy from January onwards, according to all agreed suppliers. Customers are attracted not only to the low price, but also to extra services.

Energy prices will fall by 10 percent from the New Year. Mon io vc. For competitive reasons, the company does not want to reveal details yet, however, Prask energetika (PRE) has announced it, with electricity prices for the five years averaging 14.4 percent. According to consumption, customers can spend from several hundred and up to several thousand crowns.

The supplier now offers fixation of the current price for two years. It’s low, so it seems appropriate. Jan Pavl from EZ recommends fixation: “During 2013, the price of electricity on the stock exchange fell, now there is a trend.”

Josef Nm, an analyst at Komern banka, opposes this: “Personally, I would like to pay attention to the price regulation of the Energy Regulatory Series, which will probably come in November and will concern the regulated components of the energy price. In addition, there will be a slight decrease in the strength of electricity in the coming years. “

Pavel Sobek from UniCredit Bank agrees with the fixed rates: “If the price of electricity is dependent on how Central Europe is doing economically, a return to growth can be expected for the following period. A two-year fix appears to be a frov offer under these conditions. ”

So what to choose? Take the game of fixation as a bet on a suitable game. Urite more, because energy is cheaper either due to fixation or due to the market. And you can save even when using other offers of energy companies. In addition to falling prices, the change of order also brings benefits.

What does the energy supplier offer?

  • Bohemia Energy
    The price of energy forces sn by 15 and 20 percent. Offer price fixation until 2015 or 2016. It provides households with a price guarantee against traditional suppliers and for 10 years.
  • THIS
    They reduced the price of energy forces by 15 and 20 percent, allowing fixation until 2015. For fixed tariffs assistance services for failures or accidents associated with the supply of energy (limit 5,000 crowns per case). Customer program va = discounts on leisure activities. Perform the services of a virtual mobile operator.
  • E. ON
    Actually offer a fixed price until the end of 2015. Provide assistance to the household (the limit is 5,000 crowns, but you must take electricity and gas and be a customer for at least years). Points are credited to the Clubcard of the Tesco shopping chain for the payment of the deposit.
  • Europe Easy Energy
    Assistance services for the household (passage + 3,000 crowns), discount for summer service only.
  • Global Energy
    Offer price fixation until the end of 2014. Loyalty club with discounts at retailers and assistance services (it is free at gas consumption, electricity can be purchased for a crown per day).
  • PRE
    Fixation of the price for two years, with the client receiving at least 500 crowns per bill for electricity. Guarantee of the price of electricity: it will not rise upwards, the bag will fall (even in this case, the supplier will provide a discount). Customers who use the fixed tariff go to the lottery for LCD TVs. Those who have only a high tariff (do not heat electricity or help it to heat the water) can have every kilowatt hour free or a fixed price without a fee for the city of purchase.
  • RWE
    The price is so that it will be 10 percent cheaper than the dominant suppliers. With the Optimal guarantee product, you can repeatedly reduce the price of energy in the following years (compared to the prices of dominant suppliers). Home program.

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