Element: The foreclosures of the confiscated property are normally stolen

The first, Ondej Zvodsk, has the courage to draw attention to the thieves who live in the Czech Republic. Years ago, he pointed out dubious orders at his workplace and was convicted of guilt. With the same courage, he points you to the iniquities of the railways, which are getting debts to the social bottom.

The Czech Republic is one of the most exiled countries in the world. The number of executions and insolvencies is extreme in our country compared to the countries of Western Europe. It’s not just the sweat itself. The problem is mainly in the specific impacts. The knowledge of the Czech population has fallen to a completely social bottom due to foreclosures and it is unable to stand on its own two feet, ”points the first Ondej Zvodsk.

What vs indebtedness in the Czech Republic zar?
The absolute inability of the state to find such rules that everyone gets what belongs to him, and at the same time the social liquidation of debts does not deepen. Although the people themselves may be responsible for the debts in most cases, it must have humane rules, and executions must be humanized.

Does that mean we have a hard meter in debt in Czech?
Urit, not only hard, but especially kiwi. D it can be done on specific plots. The first problem that I will point out is thieves at the foreclosures of confiscated property.

Mete bt konkrtn, k jakm melinm na drabch dochz?
It is, for example, draen “in sets”. In practice, it seems that the executor confiscates the debtor from the apartment. However, a special refrigerator, especially ten talents and especially your grandmother’s fashion do not go to the fair. In prodv in groups of vc and most of the cells equipped apartment at once. Who would buy such a “set” for me? The only branch and bakery, which then auctioned the “set” for sale in pieces and collects its own profit.

Can this be proven?
Yes, we tried to capture similar cases with a public television camera. He managed to capture and gave the thief, who goes with the first hand in hand. It is called on the roads. At any fair anywhere in the world, only throwing is allowed. On our roads, the bag is used in a completely unauthorized way, it is not allowed to call. Dra is, for example, furnished apartment worth 20 thousand crowns and the starting price is an aunt of this value. Five branches come, everyone call on the same piece and no one throws for a long time. In the end, a draw is drawn and one of the five zsk cells equipped with an apartment for a crown. The overall effect for the debt is then negligible, you will not be rewarded with 50 thousand crowns, as could be the case with the auction of individual items, but only a fraction of the debt.

Do you think this is an agreement in advance?
It’s an agreement. The equation is allowed by law, but only when it is not possible to observe who raised his hand with the slice first. But it works differently. The bidder asks, “Who calls?” and then public ohls: “Pn with one, with slem 18, 24” So such a practice is forbidden, it does not allow con.

We have a documentary TV camera, when the bidder even asks: “Pnov, do you want to agree on each other, or will we draw?” When we asked what such an agreement should look like, the bidder advised him: “Go to the door and then report to me as you agreed.” When I call such practices first, the norm is usually stolen there. First of all, there is a crime in conspiracies in public transport, and such conspiracies are on the border and beyond the borders of this crime.

How many such disputed drabs have you defended yet?
I was a total of 50 executions of both judicial and private executors, and it was about half the case of private executions.

Why is it with us now and how are the elites?
There is no self-assured effect of the Bailiffs’ Chamber. If we document what is happening at the execunch drabch, such a hunter should be fined a million. The Krn Commission of the Bailiffs Chamber exists, certain sanctions are imposed, but completely lacking. The executor is very small, they choose to join a series of bodies, the first is to support each other, if they are to punish each other, the ties are too bad. If things in the status system do not live up first, what I would prefer, then you need to take away the status of the status system first and it should load.

Does that mean that executors have a lot of authority and keep up with big business?
It is first of all for you that this is a business that is finally prescribed. Execution is carried out by private persons. The rules are, it’s about to follow. Kinds of vc are powers, and here I think it is necessary to put the act of justice into equal measure. Explain the example. If someone is prosecuting him for an invited crime and you have a house search of his apartment, the police or the local council must have the permission of a court to do so. On the other hand, when someone has an execution, or if one of his relatives is in the execution, the executor does not need the permission of the court to enter the dwelling. This means that when my mother will have an execution, the executor will at any time without hesitation and allowed the court to enter my apartment and look for whether my mother does not have any property. He is only suspected of doing so. I find this completely unacceptable. We must equalize the act of justice. If the police must apply for a search warrant, a private executor must apply for entry into the residence in the same way.

Some of the first to call for a sanction to be paid to the debtor for the debtor and for the debtor to be motivated to pay as soon as possible. How is nzor?
The principle of proportionality exists here. It is not possible for the person who owes the debt a thousand crowns to pay 15 or 20 thousand in exchange for the debts, or for the debt to be paid by an execution order for the sale of real estate. It is up to them to clarify how high the disproportion between debt and sanctions can be.

How do you think eu ns has fallen into debt and executed so many people?
There are a lot of final imperfections and bad practices. The big problem, from which the source basically everything, not only execution, is delivered. Of course, in 95 percent of cases, it is a long-term mistake not to take the sweat at the address of your permanent residence, in the data box and at another address that I will announce. But Stt does not motivate or fine-tune them in any way, and no one, for a long time, has taken over the service. If this does not happen, there will be a problem.

What needs to change you so that the debtors do not get into sloch life situations?
In my opinion, it is necessary to guarantee the length in order to get the existing minimum, which is bad for them. That is not guaranteed yet. Explain the opt on the example. Dlunk received a salary from which the Serbian court is prescribed in the castle of debt. The rest of the pension, which is due to the debtor, is sent to his debtor, who can be seized. It will not reach the pensions. They went to urit mry with eKarty and put instruments that did not happen. If a debt holder is seized, it forces him not to have his salary sent to a relative, because there is basically no legal way to reach the rest of the salary. At the same time, it also requires long and other non-standard things, such as looking for black work.

It would be worthwhile in Czech with free counseling, so that debtors have the opportunity to consult with experts on how to deal with their situation?
I think that would be beneficial. Such counseling is still small and the people do not know much about them. It would also be useful if, with the first service received by the debtor from the court and the executor, he also receives a squadron with a contact where they can advise him. it would be an indoor and very beneficial item. Such advisory associations can then also be mediated, ie a means which, together with the debtor and the executor, help to find such a one that the debtor is not socially liquidated.

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