Eight tips on how not to make a mistake in life insurance and protect your family in time

Life insurance is often mistaken and the connection advisor may also give the wrong advice. We recommend eight ways to make the most of the life insurance.

Close life insurance mainly to financially secure your family in case something happens to you. Insuring your life is astouiten even in billion. It is good to know that canceling the contract does not pay off prematurely.

“In life insurance, you can reduce the tax deposit by a maximum of 12 thousand crowns per year.

Is it possible for 16-year-olds to sign a life insurance contract?
A child insurance contract cannot be signed separately by a child aged 15-17, although he or she may be a self-employed person to sign a contract for a minor bag.

I have a one-year life insurance contract, but do you want to deduct it from the tax?
In order to receive the amount paid for the life insurance contribution from the tax base, you must meet several conditions. The policyholder is also insured. The insurance must be taken at least for two years and at the same time up to 60 years of age. A fixed insurance policy for life must be at least 40 thousand crowns for contracts with an insurance period of up to 15 years and at least 70 thousand crowns for contracts over 15 years.

The employer contributes to my life insurance and now his account. What mm dlat?
The obligation to pay insurance is on vs. You either ask the insurance company to reduce the installment or you can start paying the entire insurance premium, ie with the amount that the former employer contributed to you. If you decide to do so, you must notify us in writing. If you did not do so, it would issue me an erroneous confirmation for the tax deduction at the end of the year. You can only deduct your own contributions from the tax collection. You can cancel the insurance and apply for a sale. In this case, you must tax in tax returns all the taxes that you have used in the previous years for tax.

I would like to cancel my original insurance and go elsewhere. At the same time, I would immediately save the paid redemption on a new insurance policy. Will I add a left pedal to the tax?
In this case, you should supply the left pedal. If you immediately transfer the bag to a new contract (reimbursement), which meets the conditions for tax deduction, you will not have to supply the bag. In case you are going to another connection company, you have to add it, because it is not possible to make a payment from one connection company to another.

How can I behave when I become fully disabled? In addition to the invalidity pension, the life insurance contract is not terminated.
If you have agreed in the contract against payment of insurance in the event of full disability, report it to the insurance company. You will not have to pay insurance premiums for a long time. Some products may include the payment of an agreed disability pension or the payment of a single insurance policy. If you do not have such a connection agreement, you can terminate the contract and submit a redemption. In the first years, the fuse lasts for the last time. The insurance company will thus have enough to change your insurance to an insurance company with a reduced insurance policy, the so-called insurance policy reduction, without the obligation to pay additional insurance. However, if you have a low insurance premium, it will be maintained and the insurance period will be shortened, the so-called reduction of the insurance period. After its expiration, the insurance will expire. Some products also allow you to pay premiums.

I have two different life fuses. When will something happen to me, will I get my or my future pension from both?
Yes, you can arrange more life insurance and insurance benefits, unlike insurance assets, you can draw from each. According to the law, these are insurance contracts for insurance amounts.

A week ago, I signed a life insurance, paid the first installment, but then it spread to me and I would like to cancel. Is that mon?
When you decide to cancel the contract, you have the option of terminating the connection by delivery of the contract from the signing of the contract. After the expiration of eight days from the date of notification, the insurance expires. They should also include the payment of insurance, from which the insurance company will reimburse you for the necessary costs associated with the contract (introduced into the system, risk insurance). When you want to terminate the contract after this time, you can, but you will lose the paid insurance. Especially in the first years, the contract of loss is canceled.

Will I pay from the pensions paid by the insurance tax?
If it happened to you once and the insurance company paid you a pension, you will not pay from this insurance benefit. You will only pay when you select the entry, you will be at the end of the contract. It pays for the conditions that you choose the amount that you paid in the insurance. There is never an input of the goods, which brings with it the advantage of a higher input. You do not have to pay the tax, the insurance company will pay the financial number for vs.

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