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You can miss the salaries and better benefits of the labor market. Rise the number of people who work for me or at least think about it.

Bran Radek has changed his job twice in the last two years. I’m not one day, after the round I worked for six years in a factory, but they saw better offers, smiles satisfied. The first one pulled it out of the series CNC operator for shifts, to which they added a few thousand more. In a year, there was a kind of design of the city of production, only three kilometers from the house. The salary remained the same, but the fact that I am at work within ten minutes is a big plus. I went after it without shatter, to tyiaticetilet him.

Pbh Radka seems to have dropped out of the latest Workmonitor survey by Randstad Personnel Consulting. While companies are beginning to know how many people and how they are able to pay with rising salaries, employees in a smaller city according to current benefits. In the last six months, 21.7 percent of employment has changed, which is 4.7% more than in the previous wave of the survey. You are more likely to leave for a better man, mostly those who are from twenty-five to thirty years old.

The people changed the cities mainly in agricultural production, the chemical industry and public administration. Fluctuations in agriculture and forestry are traditionally strong in the summer months, but intense movements in public administration are interesting. The employees are usually loyal employees, however, it can be seen that the rich offer of positions in the company headquarters is despite the increase in salaries in the main job, comments the marketing manager of the Czech branch of Randstad Albta Honsov.

I want a salary as a colleague

Treasures thnou. Usually, only one does not leave the department and the office. As soon as one walks in an interesting position, and in the company, and beyond, his colleagues start to at least look, ask, I have an observation HR specialist of one of the Brno production companies, who does not want to state the name.

Swallowing after a good job is always a challenge for the Czechs. a quarter of respondents in the survey, by a few percent more than in those pedals, will either take an active look at the new job, or at least study the problems. Most actively looking for other work employees from the age of five to the age of thirty. Representatives of the younger generation fall into the category of passive candidates, assuming that their potential employer will find them, explains Albta Honsov.

But first passively telling you something better may not pay off. Companies will still pay their salaries for a long time, but they should take advantage of the benefits for their employees, but start choosing between them. According to Honsov, they are careful. As a result, with the number of job offers that are now beginning to appear in a number of regions, the number of passive applicants will decrease. Whoever wants to get a new and attractive job, will have to make a personal effort, explains Honsov.

Twelve percent of people surveyed said they had a strong need to do something else. What leads them to this? Unsatisfactory working conditions, dissatisfaction with the employer, but so a personal desire for change.

The employer’s involvement was thus examined by a recent analysis of Grafton Recruitment’s labor market. In n, only 57 percent of people said that the company would come out. They were people who had a certain wage over 30,000, and in addition they received a lot in the last year, and among the many benefits they could enjoy, there was also working hours or work from home.

Dissatisfaction with the company was not given only by the equations he did not give. Although wages are tusks, they are important for men and people with them. On the contrary, the meaning of work and a good working team leads them to Jitka Soukov from the Grafton Recruitment agency.

Will it work below?

First of all, the percentage of vhavc, if you go for it and the city, abandon one of the data from the survey. Rise the number of those who are very afraid that they could drink about work. It should be important for them to go where they assume that no one will take their work. Surprisingly, this applies not only to agriculture, which depends on the weather and subsidies, nor to the production, which the owner moves from city to city according to profit, but also to an area that has so far been considered stable. Traditionally, a lot of people live in the hotel and catering industry, but also in the field of information technology and business services, according to the results of the Honsov survey.

In the middle of the holidays, she also drank Jaroslav, who worked in the sales department for three years. The owner decided to reorganize the company and aunt the people from the administration of la pry. It surprised me a lot on the day when there is a search for people. But it is true that in the last month the order has been reduced, a woman who in turn found work in a competing company.

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