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In May, domestic banks provided 6,741 mortgages for housing, the largest in the last three years. This follows from the published indicator Fincentrum Hypoindex, which monitors the average annual mortgage rate regardless of fixations.

years, rates fell slightly again in May. “The slight decrease in rates was evenly divided between the effect of the change in rates and the change in the structure of fixations. In terms of rate changes, the decline was supported by the reduction of variable rates, third fixations and other rates, but again the growth of ptiletch fixation rates caused, ”said Josef Rajdl, the company’s analyst.

For variable mortgages, rates fell below three percent

In May, according to the given, they had mortgages with variable roens. The number of these provided vr increased by a darkness and over the years the rate fell from 3.291 percent to 2.956 percent, said the Hypoindex.cz server.

“From the point of view of the change in the structure of fixations in favor of the decline in rates, the change in the balance of variable rates on the volume of mortgages was the main factor, when for the first time this year they exceeded five percent,” said Rajdl. According to him, variable rates are the result of an effort to lure clients to a rate below three percent.

Summary for May 2011
Fixation period of the rate years All fixations 1 year 5 let
Hypoindex 4,24 % 4,61% 4,22%
Change from last msci (bp) -4 1 4
Average in mortgage (K) 1 647 1 879 1 555
Msn spltkahypotky 1 million for 20 years 6 187 6 386 6 176
Msn spltkahypotky 1 mil.na15 let 7 518 7 706 7 488
elovost vr
According to vr for purchase on the total pot, incl 59% 61 % 56 %
According to vr for construction on the total sweat, incl 23 % 27 % 25 %
According to other vr on the total sweat vr 18 % 12 % 20 %

Fincentrum Hypoindex values ​​the development of mortgage prices over time. It is out of the average year rate at which providers are in a given calendar month new mortgages for individuals. The weights are the volumes provided incl. Input data for deposits is provided by esk spoitelna, SOB, GE Money Bank, Hypoten banka, Komern banka, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank, Volksbank CZ and Wstenrot hypoten banka.

In May, banks continued to offer favorable offers to clients. You can find out where you can learn at Hypoindex.cz.

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