ei revealed how much they would have to win to fulfill their dreams

Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you would do with a big win? And would you blow this event into the world, or would you keep it to yourself? A survey by NMS Market Research for Sazka answered these questions.

Five million crowns of flowers from us were enough to fulfill the dream and the same amount to make a qualitative change in life. “The answers I fulfill my dreams and the changes in my life are very similar. It is possible that in order for people to feel that their lives have changed, you need to fulfill your dreams, ”said Michal Osusk, the director of the research agency. Ideln would therefore be a loss of 10 million crowns.

How much would we need to win so we don’t have to work? “I have a hundred and more than 10 million. Half need 30 million. Probably my aunt’s population would need to win 100 million so that she doesn’t have to work for the rest of her life, ”says Sazky CEO Robert Chvtal.

Of course bad for how we are. While 30 million would cost a fortune a fortune, he wouldn’t be able to jump much. What surprised the bag is the answer that only five percent of the people would give immediate notice of work.

How much would you sweat

The psychological limit we can imagine is 100 million. With so many pensions, we often don’t know what to do next. It is interesting that the people with a basic distance were mentioned in the survey of the largest, namely 150 million crowns.

What will I do with the game? Just don’t go crazy

The employees of the agency asked the people what they would do if they won one, 10 and 100 million crowns. They followed both spontaneous reactions and their fullness and strategies of how they would use these pensions. The first reaction was this: “We’ll be glad we don’t go crazy.”

There were no days of the category, the respondents answered what occurred to them. They could give more answers, because the competition is more than 100 percent.

What would you do with a pen

“When people win a big pension in the lottery, they will have strong emotions. Have fun, they will celebrate with you and play. Pestoale immediately start calculating and fulfilling, they don’t start to spend, “to Robert Chvtal.

It can be seen that even a small rational, most people would use the game for the knowledge of their own housing. Tm aunt would prefer to pay off the debt. But let us not completely forget about health and personal development and education. She would somehow retire to you, or to a percentage of the people.


The strategy of what we would use the pension for came into play. While in the case of millions of games, only 30 percent of the people would donate a certain amount of money to families and charities, in the case of tens of millions, we will think only of ourselves, and the Samaritans will be involved in hundreds of millions of games, with as many as 70 percent of the people.

But we are not the best at our gift. 82 percent of the people would not give anything to charity.

We don’t get along with the game, but we don’t hide it completely

Only the fittest wanted about vhebynaprost. “We would be the first to shine on our partner. Not five winners would inform the birth first, and only one percent of winners would keep the game completely secret. The effort to keep the game secret is, of course, evident at the outing, ”says Robert Chvtal.

To whom would you ov

“I would like to know who will find out everything, how many pensions I have won and how many people and families will want to kill because of it,” said one of the respondents to the study. The same eight percent of the people, on the other hand, made a big mistake because they would brag about the game.

Why not to brag about the game? ”Especially in the village there is a lot of pressure from the surroundings and friends to share the winner in the pension,” points out psychologist Lucian Kantor, an expert in the field of partnerships, for example people who drank

A young man from a Moravian village shared his game to a friend and they had their heads full, as if the given amount could be loaded. They expected to play with them and they actually get a pension to realize their full. They put so much pressure on the winner that the young man had to move to a big city to become more anonymous. Seven was relieved, but over time they found that white horses, such as the birth of two parents, were a big problem and stress began to be felt in their connection.

“First we had to stabilize their partnership and over time we cooperated with the birth of one of the winners. The young man managed to restore good relations with his family, started to create new social ties, started a promising career and at the end of the collaboration they were going abroad to learn to actively engage in English, ”describes the psychologist.

If you won 10 million crowns, who would you tell?

total vote:

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Friday, June 13, 2014. The poll was closed.

Only the closest families (manel, partner)




and families and the best ptelm


Vem (family, ptelm, neighbor, at work…)


It often happens that people move to other locations, where they are so socially taken, after fear of “disclosure”. But then he has to build a new circle of znmch. “In order not to feel satisfied, I advise them not to lose their life and go to work. People should learn to take pensions as a means of fulfilling their duties and not as a member of themselves, ”to the psychologist.

Pensions domc well-being fail

Pensions can help fulfill dreams, but it is necessary to realize that not all members of the family dream of the same. . Their ideas are not real.

“The men counseling drank to my counseling center, who grew up in the price of the locality, where they could not. He went to work and the woman absolutely did not fit into the new social group. She felt tired and all the more she clung to her mue. The situation escalated with greetings, that the partner was interested in it, and he, on the contrary, blamed her for not saying anything quiet at home, ”describes Lucian Kantor, a negative consequence of winning his pension.

astnm vhra pome, dissatisfied sp ukod

One of the first spontaneous answers of the respondents in the survey was that they are afraid that they will go crazy from the game. Is it possible to prepare mentally for the pension of large pensions?

According to Lucian Kantor, this is not necessary. So in case, you live a life that suits you and know how you would like to develop it in case of a game. If you live a life that you do not see and have as a liberation and a breakthrough of radical change, you will probably go through a great disappointment and a deep crisis in your life.

“If you think that 10 million is too much, he is used to it in a very short time horizon. If you buy a car on the tracks, its service will be on the tracks, if you buy a villa, a villa in Prague, its gossip will be on the tracks and from what will it pay? And if you just wanted to paste, then the whole, if not for years and inflation, during the 40 years of life would be less than 21 thousand crowns, which is not my average salary, “says the psychologist.

One of the words of the truth: Blessed is he who has nothing, do not worry where to hide it. Also probably not good to see who had in the lottery tst.Mon worry about you not before the game. What do you think about that? Get involved in the discussion. Ajestliszte, what would you do with a bad game?

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