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Appropriate offers are not only available for food purchases. According to a survey by the AknCeny.cz server, 78 percent of respondents before buying in the factory are oriented according to the air supply price offers.

The most important role in the purchase of fiber is played by the price. According to the survey, only six percent of customers buy in specialized stores, which do not offer any discounts.

The survey also clashes with the conservative Czech order, which relies on well-known goods. Do not be afraid to try completely new substances and vitamins without prior knowledge and recommendations.

The price of the opt-in decides whether to buy the goods yourself. If the new product costs between 50 and 100 crowns, 36 percent of respondents will buy it. If it costs me less than 50 crowns, 11 percent will add it to the cake. On the contrary, 19 percent to buy only expensive supplements and vitamins, their price is at least per hundred crowns.

According to experts, supplementary fiber products can have a significant effect on health if they are purchased and made according to individual needs.

“We were surprised that the whole 30 percent purchase went blind. The buyer decides only on the basis of a suitable offer and then after the purchase he passes the price, whether the product will be given direction or succeeded by someone, ”comments Ondej Hloup, manager of the AknCeny.cz portal manager. As he adds, a total of 38 percent of people take care of themselves, and their grandchildren buy products from the customers.

As for the frequency of discounts, now in the spring years there are mainly food supplements suitable for controlling metabolism and comprehensive cleansing of the body. Although the offerings are offered with 50% discounts, or in suitable 1 + 1 packages for free, the Czech customers have not yet convinced. According to the survey, only 15 percent of them perform regular spring detoxification, 17 percent of them just consider it and the remaining 68 respondents completely omit spring detoxification.

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