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The Ministry of Education thought about the constant school distance for some subjects

The Ministry of Education wants to legally fix school remote control. Schools may have the right to independently choose whether to introduce a “distance” or not. True, so far this will only affect additional classes.

This format of training can affect optional classes

The Ministry of Education has developed amendments to the “Procedure for the organization and implementation of educational activities for additional general education programs.” The document deals with school circles, sections and electives. The project introduces a new clause in the rules. It says that the school itself will be able to choose the format of additional classes. The amendments focus on the epidemiological situation in each specific region. That is, the director of a school or children’s art house does not have to wait for the decision of the mayor or governor to transfer the circles to a remote location. But the consent of students and parents is required. As stated in the document, if necessary, an increase in the share of e-learning and distance learning technologies will have to be fixed in an agreement. This is especially true if, due to the transition to home mode, the terms of mastering the program or the cost of training will shift. Providing an information environment, access to digital resources – all this, as follows from the draft order, will fall on the shoulders of teachers. At the same time, an individual approach to students and the effectiveness of training should not suffer due to the abandonment of the usual format.


Leonid Perlov, a teacher at the Moscow Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, comments: “There are currently no academic disciplines that can be transferred to distance learning without compromising the quality of education. Today, there is no operational system that would allow such a process to be established. The technologies and training programs that we now have do not allow us to talk about distance learning. This is the old teaching according to the old programs, but not in the classroom, but through the monitor. They are created from wheels and “on the knee”. This is essentially a beta version. To evaluate the results of such training, a time lag is required. This is a year or two for schoolchildren of all ages, not just graduates. “