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Foreign students of domestic universities demanded to let them into Russia

On Sunday, it became known that foreign students turned to the International Committee for the Defense of Human Rights with a request to allow them to return to Russia for further education. About 2 thousand students complained about the low quality of distance learning, as well as problems with the Internet in their countries. Some students said that they were forcibly sent on academic leave, while others are in danger of being expelled because of not passed workshops. The students themselves told us about what is actually happening with the education of foreign students in Russian universities.

Ivan Melnikov, vice-president of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, sent an appeal to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, in which he asked to help foreign students of Russian universities return to Russia. We found out what problems foreign students faced.

The mother of a student of the Faculty of Chemistry of St. Petersburg State University from Lithuania said that due to the impossibility of entering Russia, the whole group of her daughter is preparing for expulsion:

“In one of the disciplines, in order to get admission to the exam, you need to perform a certain amount of laboratory work and protect their protocols,” the woman explained. – It is impossible to do this without personal presence. No workshop – no exam.

Najibullo, a resident of the Novosibirsk State Medical University from Tajikistan, told MK that before the start of the school year, they were offered to either take an academic leave with the transfer of paid tuition fees to the next year, or study remotely. The young man chose the second option, but last week at the university he was informed that if he does not appear at the educational institution until February, he will be sent on academic leave automatically.

Student of the Academy. Maimonida Artur Nikulin from Ukraine is studying piano solo under the Rossotrudnichestvo quota. The young man believes that his rights have been violated, since the education of foreign students according to the corresponding quota involves only full-time education.

“Playing the piano is primarily the art of touching the keys and the art of hearing and listening to the sound produced from the instrument. Naturally, such skills simply cannot be transmitted over the Internet. It is very important here to be in the same classroom with the professor, to play the instrument for him “live” and to get skills from him. Well, and the Rossotrudnichestvo quota that I received does not initially provide for any other training, except full-time, this is spelled out in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on training quotas for foreign citizens. That is, my rights to receive the education that I counted on when submitting documents for this quota are being violated, ”explained Artur.

Some foreign students do not have the opportunity to study remotely in their country due to problems with the Internet. Munisa, a 4th year student of the Moscow State Geological Institute from Tajikistan, told MK that she could not attend remote classes for a month. The problem is that the internet is very weak in the country, and electricity is cut off every day. Now the girl is trying to obtain an individual permit to enter the Russian Federation.

Otar, a master’s student of the Don State Technical University from Georgia, also speaks about the impossibility of attending online lectures due to the weak Internet. Like many foreign students, Otar is ready to take on all the costs associated with entering the Russian Federation under quarantine measures.

“In all letters sent to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the administration, I note that I am ready to undergo a 14-day isolation, followed by a PCR test for coronavirus. That is, I will not occupy a place in the so-called observatory, but I will go to my apartment and isolate myself. Even if after my arrival distance learning will be continued, in Russia the Internet is of better quality and distance learning from Russia will be easier, ”he explained.

“I am a first-year student at the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor Voino-Yasenetsky. I am in a desperate situation. Tuition per year is $ 3500. I cannot study remotely in my country, as there is no normal communication. In addition, I need to be present at laboratory classes, to practice skills. I bought a month ago irrevocably tickets worth more than $ 500, but I have no guarantees that they will let me into the Russian Federation. I have a certificate that I have had a coronavirus infection. I am ready to fulfill all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, undergo observation at my own expense, pass two tests and sign an agreement for treatment at my own expense, in case of infection with coronavirus, says another foreign student Arina from Uzbekistan.

Many foreign students did not expect at all that after the summer holidays they would not be able to return to Russia; here they had almost all their personal belongings, paid rented apartments.

For example, a student at the Faculty of Arts of St. Petersburg State University from Ukraine said that in St. Petersburg she had most of the things and materials for teaching, as well as a rented apartment, for which she had to pay.

– I had to give up the apartment, my friends took my things for a while, the girl says. – Distance learning at the university is doing well, but the problem is that practical classes are held in person, and I do not get to them. In addition, the faculty hosts a variety of events and exhibitions. Without practice, I become uncompetitive. In addition, I do not even have the opportunity to draw attention to my problem of entering the Russian Federation, since in Ukraine for this you can bring trouble on yourself and your family.

A student of the law faculty of UNN from Moldova in the hostel still has all the winter clothes, the girl simply does not have money to buy a new wardrobe.

“Coming home for the holidays, I didn’t plan to stay here and didn’t take warm clothes with me, so all winter clothes remained in the hostel. In my country, the temperature is already below zero, but I don’t have warm clothes, and there is no opportunity to buy a new wardrobe. Another big problem is that I do not have all the educational materials with me, and I cannot find them on the Internet, because many Russian sites are closed with us. As a result, it turns out that I simply do not have the opportunity to study, “the student explained.

The Ministry of Education and Science “MK” was informed that no applications from students in connection with expulsion due to absence from the classroom were received by the department.

“Budget-funded places in universities will be reserved for students who, due to quarantine measures, cannot enter Russia and are experiencing difficulties due to insufficiently good communication quality. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is in constant contact with the leadership of universities and interested federal bodies, as well as student associations. There were no deductions for foreign students in connection with the transition to distance learning. In addition, we inform you that the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has developed recommendations for universities for the effective organization of distance learning. To assist in organizing distance learning, the Ministry of Education and Science, together with Rossotrudnichestvo, is working on the issue of providing foreign students with jobs in Rossotrudnichestvo offices and branches of Russian universities at their place of residence, ”the press service said.