editor of digitization and ethics. Discover 20 key positions of the future

Digitization of production will change half of the positions we know today in the manufacturing industry within five years. a number of working professions to replace potae. Who will command them? Longer again. But only those qualified.

The need to increase the knowledge and skills of the people was perhaps never in t, to Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL Association, which represents service businesses. Where can the employer find these modernized specialists? Among my people who are on their knees and courses. And to spend 40 thousand rons on the distance of one employee of a global company, in the Czech Republic it is only a fraction. Nco mlo pes ti tisce. And because of that, paradoxically, the track.

According to a published public survey by PwC, the shortage of qualified employees will be over 280 billion crowns this year. The most mistakes are technicians, traders and others.

Companies will not move out of the city until they find people with the necessary knowledge, or they will provide a patina for their existing employees, notes Jonathan Appleton. And so the interest in the infernal of modern technology gradually rise. This is also confirmed by the Hackett Group, which deals with corporate education.

Probably the most popular are two educational programs in this area. The first of these is intended for employees of companies, to help them understand that automation is not a threat, but a shame. People will learn to identify processes that are appropriate to automate, which would free their hands and allow them to switch to creative and you even the most important, explains Ben Hartfield of the Hackett Group.

The type of course is designed for leaders who will learn how to automate processes and how. Discuss the specific steps of the project, such as the identification of areas suitable for robotics, the choice of technology, deployment, first, key, reveals Ben Hartfield.

Extra knee for half a substitute

First, the World Economic Union said that in the next five years, 35 percent of employees would require an additional plron of knees, and another 20 percent would be overheard for a year or more.

Now it can be seen that jobs are being promoted in companies, so robotic software frictions, chatbot designs, virtual reality tests, data analysts are appearing during operation. And soon there will be a number of other positions that did not exist yet, says Appleton.

ManpowerGroup, together with the Institute for Digital Production and more than a dozen academic, governmental and industrial companies, also discussed what it will look like in such a future. At a time of global record shortages, talent at a company cannot be a mere consumer of labor. It is necessary that Jaroslav Rezlerov, Managing Director of Manpower Group, will start developing its employees as soon as possible.

The result is named 20 key positions of the future. Surprisingly, it is not only a top specialized IT profession, but also a position caring for ethics, sustainability and employee comfort.

1.digitization editor

He will be responsible for the entire digital transformation and for changing the culture within society.

2.MBSE systmov inenr

MBSE is a model application that can examine the whole system.

3.Technician for digital production

Designs and improves production systems for mechanical, electronic and software equals. His work is to fulfill, act and coordinate production processes.

4.Inenr for data flows

Finds ways to connect and collect data over the product lifecycle.

5.Stratg for cyber security of production

It will provide an overall risk assessment and ensure cyber security.

6.Inenr for built-in product forecasts

It will develop snmac, analytical and diagnostic systems built into the product that will monitor performance and predict gossip events or gossip needs.

7.Specialist in virtual and reality systems

It develops virtual and reality-aware systems to find new ways to increase work productivity and add value to customers.

8.Specialist in predictive gossip systems

It uses scanning, analytical and diagnostic systems on existing facilities to monitor and predict their performance and gossip requirements. It will have an overview of operating modes and failure mechanisms.

9.Specialist in machines uen

It serves as a link between the functional use of automated learning and complex technologies, thanks to which the machines are caught.

10.Development of digital twins

Designs data frameworks, connections, models, and software standards that enable the creation of a digital duplicate (digital, virtual copy) of a complex product.

11.System inenr for predictive control of supply chains

Designs and condition analytical systems of suppliers st.

12.Systmov inenr pro informan a operan technologies

Responsible for coordinating the design, gossip, and distribution of computer systems that combine enterprise information technology and manufacturing operations technology. Their work on developing different types of software, applications, systems and equipment effectively fills the gap between the office and the production environment.

13.Specialist in digital biomimetic production

Investigate the design of the project and try to imitate it and force it to new technical units. This role includes and expands sustainability and organic production.

14.Stratg pro change management

Due to the huge and constant repetition of the transformation that manufacturers go through, it is necessary to have a worker who helps leaders and groups to actively accept these changes and transform the transformation and take it as a matter of course. He takes care of their readiness to drink smoothly.

15.Manager of zen supply chains

Creative thinking on how to transform and manage operations to lead to sustainable benefits for all parties and across areas of interest and profit (profit, employee, environmental impact, corporate identity).

16.Specialist in improving the employee experience

With state-of-the-art technology in the production line, the tools and workspace change. This position will ensure that the changes contribute to better performance, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

17.Inenr digitization and automation

Look for new ways to automate processes and introduce innovations in systems and technologies to increase productivity and quality.

18.Vvoj uivatelsk pvtivosti

Integrate dark development for the user experience into the work environment of technology from robotics, through 3D printing and to synthetic biology and user controls. Ensure optimal interaction of people and technology.

19.Specialist in collaborative robotics

He works on the introduction of collaborative robotic systems and the training of new operators in their operation. Designs systems to increase worker safety, production volume and accuracy or replace repetitive manual wheels.

20.Ethics for digitization

Due to the rapid development of digital technologies, the need for new codes of conduct, business ethics and regulations. Ethics will take care of their creation and compliance.

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