Economist: Not being a mistake, fear is actually a property

As soon as one economic crisis subsided, he put them on the horizon. Should we be in the future, or do we just get used to it? “Being in this situation is actually a mistake,” said economist Tom Sedlek in a first-hand interview.

We all want peace and peace from Vnocsvtka, but we are often unable to do it ourselves. Let’s get drunk in the sweat, we stress. “It simply came to our notice then. However, the commercialization of svtk is everywhere, so I don’t really know if it can be bad or disliked, ”says Tom Sedlek.

How prov Vnoce economist?
Christmas is one of those difficult-to-understand anomalies, a gift is something that the economy cannot explain by default. For you, people do not want a pension or do they not agree? The economist said, look, buy something, sm the best in what he wants. To take the risk of someone buying something you won’t like In the book Debt and its history, the “gift economy” worked two times before money. Gifting rituals are descriptive there as something that not only oppressed the company, but actually made it possible.

But you also see the thought that you should be against such debt first.
It’s better, not when a hunter falls behind because of himself. I want to make someone else happy, so I wouldn’t condemn it like that, there’s something touching about it.

And how about Tom Sedlek at Vnoce?
J mm Vnoce rd. With a 4.5-year-old son, he will be an element of gravity and I think that he will be enjoying his first hand and a tree this year. And it’s too dark for that. However, I am a little sorry that the context of Jee as Savior has disappeared. We made a particularly picturesque caricature of someone very serious and then, in the main, an infantile graceful Jeek, a baby who wears his nose. It’s in small culture. The paradox is that in most of Kesan’s cultures, Christmas is noticeably far more powerful than in Navalistic society.

Is it possible to “elegantly” cope with the current economic and political situation? I have heard that some people have a “panic before panic”, that is, the fear that they will be.
Certainly panic is on the town. Fear is actually a very important property. Not being in a situation that is fundamentally scary like this one can be a big mistake.

What can you do now? Veho get rid of and utct?
So far, there is no indication that we would have to buy cans and boxes. I think it’s painted erta on the wall. If it suits the hunter in his personal life, leave it at that. But the disintegration into civilization can come from twenty different pins, not the financial one. We should at all think in the context of the crisis. This crisis is especially in the fact that if the hunter did not watch at first, even somewhere on the side, he would not even honor it.

Even when I get a job and lose my income?
So at the time, unemployment has risen. But people still shop, restaurants aren’t empty, department stores don’t have two handles.

Okay, let’s just say we’re not doing so badly and we have some quarrels. What about them? Leave in the bank, or rather invest?
For now, there is no reason to pay. I admit that I don’t know much about investment, I’m too abstract about this. I have a toodbornky and tm dvuji.Nco mm on termnovanu here, then mm njak funds and pension spoen. If you should realize that the investment was, is and always will be a risk. So the only thing to advise him, invest wisely and listen to your heart. Therefore, where you have your pension, there you also have a piece of your heart.

You have known that when I get away from the first, I don’t even have to intervene in the crisis. Can the media cause a crisis? Or speed it up so that it ends soon?
I think not. It counts whether it is a self-fulfilling prophecy or a self-exclusive prophecy. If the media started in “there is a crisis and it has to change this and that” in order to change it, then we would be sure to divide the worst scnm.

You and the collapse of the euro area? Should we go to a new fund?
Urit. Western Europe has asked us for something and we take it as a sign of maturity that we can help. It is a sign that we do not have to honor ourselves as a poor relative, whose only thing they can do with a disgust is to reach out. Although we are not as rich as in Germany, but we received a lot of pensions from the Union, it was a gift, it was not a loan, we could keep the pensions. And we don’t even want to go back for it. Nothing like that will be stt. We cultivate Europe as an ethnic system, where we just take and take. Moreover, we do not lend to Europe, but to the International Monetary Fund. If we know that the fund will not repay the loan, we are actually taking it into bankruptcy. And if the International Monetary Fund goes bankrupt, our reserves will be available to it every night.

And when does he not accept?
In our opinion, the Czech Republic is doing everything. We have such an outwardly enfant terrible, without any cuteness. Let’s make similar mistakes and condemn ourselves to the fact that no one will listen to us, they will not invite us to one, they will not come out and we will not get under the imaginary protective child who we actually buy for it. He didn’t finish it, but no one had come up with anything better yet.

Only a politician in order for the ert to confess, someone is in favor, others against, gave in favor again, but with conditions…
that there is a certain reluctance of the mentality of the people, it is normal, but it is in the mentality of politicians. I am sure that en nrod is more Euro-optimistic and pumped in the irm context not politicians. They have such a special smallness that they carry the Czech hunter. We should not pretend to be wrong. An ideal pleasure for politicians to explain to people that it is our time to cultivate the mentality of the poor entrance and the ebrk with an outstretched hand.

And we weren’t small?
We are not a mother. We are a typical nrod of medium size. I have been in Finland for a long time, in Denmark and I am full of Slovk. These are all nations of five million people who have never claimed to be small.

A few days ago, Vclav Havel died. You have been his advisor for several years, how do you remember him?
Wenceslas Havel was undoubtedly a living legend. And not only darkness, he was and is a symbol, a symbol of something that transcended us, but did not sink, and did not escape at all. He did it somehow, gently and not strongly. My brother summed it up best, who first commented on the departure of our lovely president by saying that Havel never used negative energy. So the energy used so much in politics.

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