echm lends to more than 120 thousand companies, found the financial arbitrator

Has vs spltkov cheated on the company and does not want to admit the complaint? Contact a financial arbitrator. Since July, I have been resolving disputes involving the public and thus collective investment. And for consumers for free.

The institute of financial arbitrator, or ombudsman by pension, has existed in the Czech Republic for eight years, František Klufa has been in office since 2008. Jehoad provides a free and quick dispute to clients with financial conditions. “We are literally overwhelmed with work, forgetting about his vacation this year,” he said in his new office.

“Only in July, the interest in the information of our series increased twofold. There are more than 120 thousand of them and they all have to register with us in writing. In addition to normal work, we also go there, check and set up two huge boxes of letters every day, ”the arbitrator said.

It’s a lot, but the smile on your face. You have fun, eh?
Urit. We have results and we can speak clearly. While in the last year we received 822 suggestions, this year it was more than 600 and only in July there were 150 of them. In addition, I am very happy that 90 percent of cases can be solved in a deadly way, ie by agreement with a possible payment of the code and without having to pay a fine to the institution. Such a dispute is then resolved once and for all, more quickly and without trial.

What is a stimulus and how to get to it?
The initiative is actually enough or a question on issues in the financial field, which can be reached by letter, telephone, via our website or via Facebook. When such stimuli are then registered and eme. And you are all, even if not to the satisfaction of the applicant. We take them to the client for the benefit of the client, and for two aunts we find out that the institution did not actually make a mistake. But even in such cases, it happens that the bank then adjusts its conditions to avoid a similar misunderstanding at all. And of that mm joy.

How long does such a case actually take?
That’s different, a lot of bad things here, how complicated they are and what we have to get around the dispute. In the last year we have an average of 68 days in one case, but we also find ones that we have a year. These are especially those when it is necessary to make various expertise, opinions and so on, when we negotiate with foreign banks. While nine people are working, we should be stinging by the end of the year, so I hope that when the work grows, we will keep the paint and satisfy everyone soon.

It is clear to me that it is probably not possible to stay for a year at vs. So can you help me with pjek? Do you advise and execute?
The most common problems are when the company unjustifiably charges you a fine for early payment, or does not list all the differences in the contract, or you do not apply for pensions in the registration registers. This is according to the new law. I would just say rd. This involves consumer consumers, which were closed after January 1, 2011 and we can resolve the disputes that people will know about from July this year. The new rules do not apply to contracts from two years. When there is an execution, it’s too late. The arbitrator shall not interfere in the execution of Zen. Let’s advise what to do, when you have proof that you paid, and pesto is foreclosure. But you still can’t avoid court. We do not have all types of suitable loans, which are out of control. This is not a consumer case, but a scam. That must be the police.

Did you come across any curious cases?
There are people who say on the phone that they don’t even want to pay any financial compensation, they just want to punish the bank and give an apology from the CEO himself. This is one of those curious categories of stimuli. The case was also interesting when we paid for the payment of two crowns and 60 halls for two unjustifiably sent information messages. The contractual conditions did not accurately describe the number of items when paying on the Internet and it happened that at first they left the rest. The bank acknowledged its error, replaced the code and adjusted the terminology in the terms and conditions.

And how was the highest replacement code?
It was piblin est and pl million crowns. was about to burn signatures on payment orders. The fall was not only the most expensive, but also the longest. It took dark two years for Vyeen, there were expert opinions, and I went to drink Peruvian because of the criminality of women. In the end, we decided in favor of the petitioner, because the bank did not first check the signatures with the model and had to pay not only the 6.5 million, but also years and gave the costs. year was about127 thousand crowns.

The magnitude of contracts with non-banking institutions is the so-called decision of the clause. That is, the possibility of a possible dispute by an arbitrator and not in court. What are you paying attention to?
About this problem in m. But I must honor that many institutions are withdrawing from the decision. And when they have it, the decision of the clause is stated on a special paper so that the client does not overlook it. The shift to transparency is that the arbitrator will be selected and at the moment when a dispute arises and there will be no bottom before, it will be, for example, Mr. XY. The referee will be able to choose the vitel, but the other party will also be able to speak. When they do not agree, ur referee did not hang orgn. The institution of the arbitrator is not wrong in itself, but it is always about specific people. And they can be up and running, just like judges. The Ministry of Justice will keep a register of arbitrators and those who violate the code will receive a black dot and may be struck out.

Workers in other European countries have settled disputes over mortgages and insurance companies. Would you dare to go into this area as well?
I would be born for such a rd. It would be nice to have a stop in one place. The other mortgages to the wall by the wall fall, namely the American one, when the existing property is built up and the pension can be tied to anything. We would dare to join the consortium. But I would need a lot of people for such a collection and it would have to be created in ad ad. But when I see how it works in the first place, it’s just the music of the future. But the pressure from the Union is for the entire financial market to be secured by one institution in all member states.

You are the protector of the first people who are deceived by some financial institution. Did you personally have a similar problem?
Let me know, not yet. I am one of those people who follow the fee policy of banks and dream of negotiating or going elsewhere. I gradually had them in those banks and I am satisfied. However, I negotiated the terms with two, so it is not because I am an arbitrator. But I probably won’t be such an exemplary furnace, I remember that I didn’t read the insurance contract before and found out that it could be insured against meaningless risks and, on the contrary, what could happen was not covered by the insurance. So I went to the insurance company and changed the contract.

What advice would you give people to take care of so that they are not disappointed that their dispute has failed?
People generally do not have contracts. Do two, support it and only when problems will occur. Also clearly go before signing. For the kind when a problem arises, don’t wait and act. Call the bank, the company’s installments, or the arbitrator and read it. When you eat a dead beetle, the debt increases dramatically. For the third, I repeat the omlan how to handle a credit card first. Do not write the PIN on it or anywhere else, do not drink it, do not tie up the shop and restaurant, have it sent to your mobile phone for each transaction, regularly check the entries and so on. So check if all payments in the bank were made as you refused. So that you don’t end up like the lord of one of the cases we lived last year. For Mr., the dispute turned out unfortunately not. Patn has set up an online bank transfer of ron installments of home insurance and payment of the loan. Even the dog did not pay the insurance company due to urgency, the insurance company terminated the contract and when the house burned down in half a year, the owner did not receive a crown. The installment was nine thousand and the code reached two and a half million crowns.

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