Dus vs f micromanagement? Try these pt step and get married

Do you feel that my manager or team is constantly on the lookout for and monitoring everyone in the work step? Do you want to persuade him to grow with the darkness, but at the same time avoid conflict? Some advice on how to solve the problem diplomatically, Pin Director of the consulting company JIP for companies Ji Jemelka.

Micromanagement is a way in which the manager monitors in detail and quickly controls the work of his subordinates. He constantly looks over the shoulder of people from his darkness, often requires nonsensical reports, focuses on the rest of the details, criticizes the work and hides and guesses that he could fulfill the round completely differently and better.

Such a work environment only brings with it stress, demotivation, dreamy productivity and high turnover. But it would be misleading to think that micromanaers always moved the mind to their action. Usually, on the contrary, try to do a good job, but choose the right methods. Micromanagement is used mainly by inexperienced managers or those who have problems with delegation work.

Of course, this does not mean that you have a similar breeding trout and hope that, with the experience gained, the manager will control his changes. It is necessary to fight against micromanagement. And it can be done in other ways or by changing jobs.

1.Ukate, e sv prci rozumte

First of all, it is necessary to realize that micromanagement is a source of uncertainty. In short, the manager is not sure that the employee will be able to complete the bike, and therefore constantly checks it. You can allay his fears by telling him that you understand the issue and that you are competent.

Arrange an agreement with them, discuss the whole project together and ask a lot. Mikromanaei are usually very reluctant to answer questions, because they can help with their views on the issue. So go to them a little bit in this. It helps me ease their control moods and they discount their supervision.

2.Make up fa reports and information

You can also reduce the supervision of micromanaers by simply overtaking them in their inspections. For example, you know that it will be important to see how you have progressed on your bikes the day before. In that case, try to give a summary of the status of your projects for a while every day after working hours and compile them fully for the next day. Then you will fly to the manager’s e-mail for dinner. Of course, it will take you some time, but you will find that you are in control, the project continues and you clearly have the next step. At the same time, his awareness has improved and his fears have subsided.

3.Restore a lost yard

Sometimes it can happen that you find out that fv in micromanagement is not so flat as it is directly connected to vs. Satisfy yourself if you didn’t mention it to yourself. Have you made an ugly mistake in the past project? Don’t miss deadlines regularly? In such cases, the yard may be disturbed. So try to work on its recovery. Get feedback from the manager on your work, follow the deadlines, send regular reports to your enthusiast, telling you that you have used your past tests.

4.Talk about it

If none of the above, it is time to confront the micromanaer. But beware, in the sun. Ventilation with frustration in sharp words will not achieve him, on the contrary, you run the risk of punishment or dismissal. First, seize all manifestations of fovy pehnan control. Make an appointment, give him a list to look at, because he micromanates so instinctively and in the given moments he doesn’t even realize it and without any emotions he can describe to him how he negatively affects his breeding. If you know that you are not the only one who can be confronted, you can confront him as dark.

5.Navrhnte compromise a

You dream of showing you the benefits of releasing check controls: less work for him, less stress for all your colleagues. But be careful, and the rest you do not neglect the authority of the zealous and the netote. Go for it in the form of steps and compromises: give a dream of his personal interventions, in return offer to take more frequent and detailed reports, suggest ethn dark meetings.

First of all, you will point out that when a manager has more freedom, he or she will have time for one’s own agenda and thus take up extra work. If he finally gets convinced and releases his control, show him that he has done a while to show you the best possible performance. This best motivates him not to resort to micromanagement.

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