During the execution or expiration period, the long term will occur even after years

and the debt is not more than 1.1 trillion crowns. Most of the people can be paid for in the term. However, from year to year, there are more and more people who have problems and have the threat of execution.

Experts Robert Runtk from the Perov Executor’s Office answered our questions about a responsible lender, the debt of their own and those that can damage them.

Many of the vs have wondered if it is possible to find out if I have a close threat of execution. For example, Mr. Komrek wants to pay a friend about whom he owes some debts from the past, but at the same time he fears that something will not surprise them and that the executor will not visit them. “All orders and final executions are available in the Central Register of Executions (CEE), which is available at www.ceecr.cz. Registration in the CEE system is subject to a fee, ”says Robert Runtk.

Debts of problematic offspring give the peaks of much more. You asked what to do when your children and grandchildren, who are supposed to live in the house, never lived with you, pay debts and you are afraid that the execution will affect the property. Robert Runtk definitely recommends to file enough for the cancellation of the child’s permanent residence on obecnm adu.

Co vs jet zajmalo?

OTZKA: It is written in the article that the hunter should not “weave” before the execution. But for my own? The debt owed me not more than a million crowns and he gave other people at least two million. He does not own the property, all things are like a son and a partner. Doesn’t it mean a long time that he will be waiting for 10 years, when there will be no real executions on him (just nothing, not even an official income)? Is there any real punishment for this debt?

ANSWERS: If a longtime man has nothing, then logically no one has anything to say to him, so in fact he is not really in danger. However, living with foreclosures is not exactly pleasant. A good first for everyone is at least that during the period of execution, or the time limit, the execution will be theoretically calm for 30 years.

OTZKA: I have a question regarding the execution fee. Mm a few debts and each executor ad t t ting another percentage year. In the resolution, I said that the execution fee is 15 percent of the debt, which goes to the executor, which is clear to me, but according to which the rates of percentages are adjusted one year until paid? Some executors have, for example, nine percent another 25 percent, can it be?

ANSWERS: The executor’s fee is 15 percent exchanged. To do this, you need a 20 percent VAT piston, which the executor will take to the sttu. As of this year, these are members of receivables and are not decided by the executor, but are specified in the judgment or payment order issued by the court. Their ve is dependent on the official rates of NB. I refuse, the executor does not decide on these matters, only the recovery of the claim, it was specified by the court.

Who answered your questions

Robert Runtk was born in 1976 in Olomouc. He graduated from the First Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. He has held the position of director of the Perov Executors’ Council, alongside the bailiff, Dr. Tom Vrna, since 2001.

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