Due to the letter in the Czech insurance company, adjust the conditions of travel insurance

If you are afraid to travel to the Czech Republic because of a fight or you are not sure about your health condition, we will help you against the cancellation. You will use it mainly in case you do not have to go on holiday for all reasons. But only Kooperativa and Generali will protect against beasts.

Most couples offer insurance against cancellation cancellation only on the part of the client. If you fall ill before the holiday and you do not have to travel, the holiday will mature and you will receive an insurance claim from the insurance company. And until recently, the hunter was defenseless if his travel agency or carrier canceled his vacation. With the new products saw two binders.

“These days we are expanding the insurance, where we include canceled trips by the service provider. If problems arise in time, for example, travel services are delayed by more than 12 hours, the insurance company will reimburse the costs of, for example, accommodation, food and luggage storage, “said iDNES.cz Milan Ka from the Kooperativa insurance company.

Generali called her novelty Pl. The conditions of the package were thus adjusted in connection with the threat in Greece and sales disasters. “As a free bonus to this connection, there is a network cancellation of cases such as a catastrophic disaster, typically a volcano, a tsunami, an epidemic, such as a pig chip, and civil unrest. .

How much to pay for insurance against cancellation cancellation
Pojiovna Capable price What it involves
Allianz 420 Lebn talents, cancellation of departure
esk business 524 lebn talents, insurance, liability, luggage, cancellation of departure
esk pojiovna 375 Lebn talents, cancellation of departure
UNDER Pojiovna 480 lebn talents, insurance, liability, luggage, cancellation of departure
General 464 various talents, insurance, liability, luggage, sports activities, cancellation of the exit by the provider
Cooperative 770 talent, insurance, liability, luggage, travel, cancellation of the trip by the provider
Union 414 Leben talents, insurance against cancellation
Source: Insurance companies; stky are listed in the korunch. Note: Insurance prices are allowed in Greece for 15,000 crowns per person.

The insurance against cancellation is the main part of the package

Almost all domestic insurance companies offer insurance against cancellation cancellation. For example, the SOB Pojiovna bag provides it only through travel agencies. So you do not have to arrange insurance yourself.

Insurance against cancellation of departure applies in most cases to cancellation of departure from your side. This mainly concerns the acute illness of the person who bought the congress, but also his family members. You can cancel your holiday without any financial damage, when a natural disaster will destroy the property.

If you are insured against the cancellation of the departure, you can cancel your departure in a moment, do not take a vacation, even an hour before departure. You must have a good reason to cancel the recreation and provide the necessary evidence. The insurance company will request a medical first or other document proving the reason for withdrawing from the travel contract, proof of payment of the exit price and the travel contract.

If you provide all the required documents, the insurance company will pay you an 80% cancellation fee (see box). Pojiovny full price of the exit does not pay. “The cancellation fee is determined by the contractual conditions of the individual specific travel agencies. As a rule, the cancellation fee depended on how long before the departure to the departure the client canceled his / her part, ”explains Jaroslav Krl from SOB Pojiovny.

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