Due to the collapse of the discount portal, the seller refuses to issue a complaint

Luk Hostinsk ordered a purchase on a flash drive at the Megaslev discount portal. Price asn, instead of the original 599 crowns only 249. Simply nice to buy. By the way, Fajn nkup is also the name of the e-shop, which offered discounts.

So in June of this year, Mr. Hostinsk paid the purchase for Megaslev, applied for it at Fajn nkup and waited for the delivery of the goods. “I was strangely surprised that I didn’t have a day of confirmation of payment or purchase, so I had to dodge the seller and the discount portal,” describes Mr. Hostinsk.

In the end, however, he managed to pick it up three weeks after he paid for the horse in person in Prague. Only the disc didn’t work. He described the error to the seller and within a week from Fajn nkup bought him a reply: let’s prepare a new disc and we will inform you. With this e-mail, however, the evening communication ended and he gave two msce nothing happened. And so Mr. Hostinsk urged his complaint. He learned that the seller did not accept the complaint, because Megasleva ended up in insolvency and did not pay the seller for the purchase discounts. “But that’s really not my problem, I paid for the goods and maybe the first one for the complaint,” the customer says.

Megasleva is not communicating, Fajn nkup wants to shake the goods

We first presented the discount portal megasleva.cz one week later, but we were still answering the answer. The website server does not work today. The operator of the portal is, or was, the company Kolektiva sro. By a decision of the Municipal Court in Prague, insolvency proceedings were initiated on 3 of 2013, at the suggestion of the company itself.

And so we asked Fajn nkup, when the complaint will be accepted. The answer, although somewhat surprising, she drank immediately: “At the instigation, I am forced to go to the next horse, I withdraw from the purchase contract with client Luk Hostinsk, provided that I pay the client immediately and ask him for a proposal. The client can complain about the goods or their value on the given portal, or at his insolvency administrator, ”says David Konick in his e-mail. The operator of the e-shop dajn sold the goods on the Megasleva server for a few plates of thousands of crowns, and nothing has been paid to him by the portal to date.

However, in order to complicate the situation even more, the invoice that Mr. Hostinsk received during the collection of goods is in the name of Jaromr Konick. He runs the Krlovsk nabdka e-shop. We also received the answer from him: “As a person, Jaromr Konick, I did not sell this goods, carefully, whom he refers to as a seller, there is probably some confusion in that,” says Jaromr Konick. According to his release, he had nothing to do with Megaslev. Although he acknowledged that he had issued the invoice, he said, however, he had to return the customer’s invoice. Is there a complaint? Jaromr Konick is not in doubt on his side. “Mr. Hostinsk is constantly receiving goods from a supplier to whom he did not pay and kept the goods, shouldn’t he return the goods to the owner who sent them the goods?” pe e-shop operator.

The seller is the e-shop listed on the invoice

So how is it? Who should Mr. Hostinsk complain about? At Meglaslev, at Fajn nkup or at Krlovsk nabdky? According to the first badly with km, a purchase contract was concluded. “It is clear from the business conditions of the Megaslevel portal that the portal will only sell vouchers, not specific goods,” explains lawyer Pavel Nastis. Therefore, the customer paid the discount portal, the real seller of the goods is the company that delivered the goods and which is stated on the invoice. In this case, the e-shop Krlovsk nabdka, the company of Jaromr Konick. He is also obliged to issue a complaint. The fact that the e-shop portal did not pay for the discounts may not be of interest to the customer. “The seller is obliged to resolve the complaint in the end, or if the unfulfilled obligations on the part of the discount portal, then only the seller can file a claim in the insolvency woman, not the final customer,” says the lawyer.

“In this case, moreover, it was basically due to receive complaints, in that the buyer was informed by the company that his claim for liability for defects is,” confirms the head of the first counseling center of the test Luk Zelen. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the seller is obliged to issue a complaint within thirty days. However, this did not happen in this case, Mr. Hostinsk ek almost complained about it. “Due to the fact that the seller acknowledged the defect and did not issue a complaint to you, I am now buying the same claims as if it were an irreparable defect, ie the right to replace the product or return the pension,” added Zelen. In other words, the only one who can withdraw from the contract first is Mr. Hostinsk, not the seller.

“I would warn other customers against similar scams on discount servers,” said Luke Hostinsk. “Moreover, when even the seller causes such chaos, he then complains and so probably all rely on the customers to give it up,” concluded his disappointed experience.

And how to deal with a similar situation? If you shop on the discount portal, follow the reviews, experiences and reactions of other customers to the working portal. And also make a specific e-shop that offers a discount.

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