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Payments for energy interfere with wallets m dl vc. Lack of pensions thus promt into a relationship between people. Due to sailing, not only husband and partner are involved, but there is often a gap between children and parents or roommates.

More than a tenth of them admitted that they have disagreements and distances due to the number or wasting of energy in the household. This follows from the current survey of independent comparisons Ueteno.cz.

According to server analyst Tom Suchho, there are bad habits among people that can make good around them. Among the most common, due to which protrusions arise, put water comes at a good tooth and turn on lights in a house or apartment.

“With a good tooth, I don’t want to let 45 percent of tap water come out of it,” says Tom Such, noting that it is more often done.

Dalum is a bad habit, due to which there is a frequent exchange of opinions in families, there is a dim light. After the other members of the household, the light must be turned off by 57 percent of them.

“This bad habit mainly gets on my nerves. After the other members of the household, whether they are children or partners, 60 percent of the woman is constantly extinguished, it is about one percent, ”adds Tom Such. According to him, for example, children can be motivated to read energy by promising the reward we can give them for their pension.

With the Sniujeme.cz server, we have prepared a tip for vs how to dream of energy consumption even in a steam lt. Some of the advice will seem banln, it is always nothing new. But do you really have children?

1Make yourself a frozen fruit and vegetable system

Hide in the freezer the family grown from the garden to the next ron and go to the cold according to how it just falls under my arm? Make yourself a freezer system. For example, after the sun, drink the sky and the boxes, and it’s worth trying to make a list. Make it easier, for example, in the subsequent view and especially more electricity, which is consumed by the long open frost.

“Regularly remove frost frost, which acts as insulation, reduces cooling capacity and increases energy consumption by 70 percent,” said Martin Koutn, an energy expert from Sniujeme.cz.

2Get some dewater

We do not drink drinking water at home, even in cases where we do not come into personal contact, for example during flushing or watering. At the same time, we can simply attach rainwater to these activities, which in some respects is even better than drinking water, because it contains chlorine, which does not benefit plants.

Deov water is so great for running pranla ass, it is mkk and unleashed lpe work prec. However, Deovka can be used in many other ways as needed, for example to wash cars and the peace of the house.

3Msto suiky vyuijte slunka

Although you can save a lot of popular assholes, they are also very energy-intensive. According to the server server, even the most controversial bitches consume from 200 to 300 kWh per year, which is done on the crown, not a thousand.

At least try to soak up the sun and get your ass on the balcony and garden. Find out that you will be able to take off your ass in the same amount of time as if it were in the suice. just save to skn.

4Make the operation of your air conditioner more efficient

The use of air conditioning may not be energy-intensive if you follow the easy tips.

Be sure to close the windows during operation, otherwise warm air will always enter the room, so the air conditioner must not cool the air. It is also advisable to close the windows in front of the sun, which adversely affects the air temperature in the room.

Set the air conditioning temperature best between 23 and 27 C. “Keep in mind that the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not exceed a difference of eight degrees, otherwise it is easily threatened by health,” warns Martin Koutn. Clean your gear regularly and don’t forget to turn it off when you leave.

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