Drky: from the store, even the dog internet?

Where to buy? Every type of store has its pros and cons. You’ll find a pile of hypermarkets: gold sock, I bought it quickly, there was no choice. You are, but you will probably take the house away again, you are not mistaken.

For example, mail sales are convenient, but it’s a bit of a lottery lottery. Often you don’t know in advance what you actually ordered. Discounts are again the cheapest. Experts engaged in market research, however, warn that to mark one type of trade as the cheapest and give a percentage of how much its prices are compared to the competition, it is very complicated today.

According to them, any generalization would be introductory. The competition has caused that even in supermarkets generally considered to be railways can be found very cheap goods, and conversely the prices of some goods in discounts can be comparable to

Discount stores

The assortment is not in comparison with super / hypermarkets for a long time, but in addition to food and drugstore products, you can also buy kites, such as electronics, household goods and textiles. The selection is not great, but the price is favorable and the quality of the sun. There are a bag and expensive food products, such as special Italian pasta, quality wine, fish delicacies and the like. Examples: Lidl, Plus, Penny market

Vhoda: nzk ceny

Disadvantage: no culture of purchase, limited assortment, no vines accept credit cards (for example in Penny market yes, in Lidl no)


The sales culture is high in supermarkets. You will also find counters selling, for example, delicacies, sr, sausages and the like. Some supermarkets have their own bakeries. Familiarize yourself with a wide range of goods. There are also so-called private signs, made especially for the chain, at different price levels. Compared to hypermarkets and discount stores, many supermarkets are the most expensive. Opt it doesn’t pay pauln. In some cases, supermarkets can compete with both discount stores and hypermarkets.

Pklady: Albert, Billa

Convenience: you culture of sales, wide assortment, good accessibility (stores are mostly on the sdlitch and in the middle of towns and villages), you can pay by card

Disadvantage: you prices


Large shopping centers, where you can find all kinds of commonly available goods. From the supermarket will be given the size and assortment. For example, buy large household appliances, electronics, toys and garden equipment or furniture.

Examples: Hypernova, Tesco, Interspar

Conformity: wide assortment at favorable prices, usually easy complaints or exchange of goods, possibility to pay by card, possibility of installment sales

Disadvantage: a large number of goods and various actions lead to suffering, sometimes less clarity, in specialized departments it is not always possible to get professional advice, the location is usually on the outskirts of the city

Specialized stores

In specialized stores, look for the widest offer and thus professional help. Prices may be a bit you don’t in hypermarkets, but the culture of sales is so you. You can thoroughly inspect and test the goods.

Match: you culture of sales, wide assortment, professional sales

Disadvantage: you prices, mountains availability

Internet stores

Virtual shops are located on the Internet in the form of department stores with a wide range and specialized stores. Order orders directly on the store or by phone. The goods are usually sent to a sweat or transport company. You can pay them by bank transfer or by card, preferably only in the case of double-ended merchants on secure pages so that the card is not misused. Online stores have one of the cheapest ways to shop. Goods are sold here on average ten and twenty percent cheaper compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Discounts can be you. The owner of the shop does not have to have sales space, supplies and sellers. Accept orders, then order from the supplier and dispatch customers.

Examples: http://www.vltava.cz, www.mall.cz, http: //www.obchodni- dum.cz (stores are dov tisce), some stores are members of the Association for Electronic Commerce (www.apek.cz ), which looked at the quality of sales

Advantage: convenient shopping dog sweat, low prices, delivered goods and houses, the ability to return goods within 14 days without any reason (attention, the price of goods returns, not required), some e-shops wash installments

Disadvantage: anonymity of the seller communicates with the customer usually only by phone or e-mail, the customer sees the goods and on delivery, lengthy complaints, not all online retailers offer installments, risk of data misuse, sometimes, especially before Christmas, long delivery times

Zsilkov shops

They work similarly to an online store, the customer chooses goods from the same catalog or from a television commercial (teleshopping) and gets it later. But, for example, Quelle also offers its products through brick-and-mortar stores, own or contracted. You can try the ordered goods here and possibly not buy them. The TV Products company sells products for the storage of television advertising by telephone order, but also in its own stores.

Pklady: Quelle, Magnet, TV Products

Advantage: convenient shopping, the possibility to return the goods within 14 days without any reason (be careful, the price of the goods returns, not the postage), the goods are delivered to the house

Disadvantage: sometimes the customer sees the goods and takes them, its appearance differs from the photo or TV commercial, a difficult complaint, usually not possible in installments.

No you go shopping

Don’t go to a large store, it pays to find out
■ jak je pomr kvalita / grain price
■ offer in-store service (eg for sweat, electronics)
■ how difficult a complaint will be
■ they bring the product and the house and at what price
■ whether to buy in installments

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