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The beginning of the year is an ideal time to make a foothold in domestic finances. Especially when there was a healthy increase in the dark on all sides. Do you know where your pension is, how much and for what do you spend? The key to being ready and answering first is a good overview of income and expenses.

At a time when most people pay by card, regular payments are sent electronically, a lot of memory will fall out of memory.

Zante s tukou a paprem

Take a papra pite. First of all, just remember: income. Put all the pensions you receive, in cash or on account. This includes a salary, a reward for a brigade, a sideline, a possible fee and so you are alive. For example, years of savings or investments can be included in the income. Just all the pensions you can manage. Entrepreneur state income gross.

Then sweep the data. You will need to engage pam here. Drink the money you pay regularly for each month. To help, take handwritten notes from the bank, vouchers and receipts. Mainly, which are often paid “by themselves” by permanent order and are somehow out of the ordinary and which are easily forgotten. Entrepreneurs should include such expenses for social and health insurance taxes.

You will not forget the shopping you pay in cash, but also the restaurant or the baguette you buy and eat on the way home.

S vpoty pome tak internet

If you want to start your finances on the Internet, try the Moe financ.Registrac server. For example, data from bank entries can be loaded into the system (including from esk spoitelny, mBank, SOB, Raiffeisenbank, Potovn spoitelny, Fio a Komern banka, GE Money Bank, UniCredit Bank).

“The project is free for users, all communications are encrypted, data from electronic files are deleted immediately after the transaction data. Your entries are not stored anywhere, ”says portal suspect Martin Solnika.

The uploaded data is divided into preset categories, but you can freely play them and change them according to your own. In the Categories and Budgets section, you can use the Learn New Kill function. You can see how much you spend in each category in tables and graphs. Of course, this method of managing domestic finances also requires regular replenishment of data. The advantage for forgetting is the possibility to set a reminder, which will then come to the e-mail.

Inventory is done, how to grow healthy?

When we know exactly how many pensions we will spend each month, it is time to grind, where to take into account that our prices do not hurt so much. Monost is vc. Someone will only need to reduce spending on food, alcohol or tobacco, otherwise by changing the supplier of electricity and gas, hundred crowns and thousands of ron can be “issued” to change the bank, and it is a bn et, spoen or you mortgage. And he did not succeed, so you will reassess the insurance and a possible change in the insurance company.

And here’s the internet again. There are a number of comparisons, comparisons or even more. In addition to the changed server, you can grind on the pages of the internet trit Chytr Honza, ppadnnaserver

Here you will find a comparison of energy prices, insurance, mortgages, savings, loans, including how many years, including the possibility of buying a product line and contacting a reputable consultant.

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