Don’t slow down with a mortgage, they won’t be cheaper

The crisis has eased, the mortgage market has finally shaken, banks hls jumped nrst new mortgages. Competition from banks has low mortgage rates, although experts predict that the years will grow this year.

In the burrow of the bank, they provided 4,208 vr in total values ​​of over 7 billion crowns. Never in the history of observation has the production of mortgage banks increased at such a pace in the first two months of the year. And it could go faster. Low rates, favorable real estate prices and the threat of health are the two reasons to take a mortgage first.

On the other hand, even if the Chamber of Deputies approved the proposal for VAT, you will only be affected by the prices of new real estate. And, for example, Ji Pcal from Central Europe Holding, who has been investing in real estate for 20 years, would definitely not be influenced by this: “I do not recommend hurrying or blooming. Dleit is to find a suitable property; what will happen to the taxes and what to predict the people from real estate, don’t give up. “

Pesto, banks are optimistic. “We expect that this year will be significantly more active, even though rates are rising slowly. This is bottomed out mainly by the recovery of euro area economies and fears of monch inflationary pressures. In addition, the years were last year and not least low, so it is only a certain correction, ”says Tom Pavlk, UniCredit Bank.

Banks will most likely support the sale of mortgages through various marketing campaigns, so that the beneficiaries first come to light. “Reln will be able to win a very sunny price,” says Denisa Saltkov, Potovn spoitelny.

It can be assumed that even those who do not get you on a classic mortgage will live after your own home, and because you do not have daily cash and have an income. Do they also have a suitable mortgage for n banks?

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One hundred percent mortgages for proven clients

The salary you owe for the purchase of real estate, the better the conditions. There is only one bag, even if you do not have any cash as your own deposit.

The selection is not large, but the situation has recognized that the worst of the crisis has passed, and offer a so-called 100% mortgage. For full price, banks from the SOB group (SOB, Hypoten banka, Potovn spoitelna), esk spoitelna, Komern banka, UniCredit Bank, Volksbank and Wstenrot.

Potat bag must with hormone rates: usually outside at 0.6 percent. You are also entitled to creditworthiness, for example esk spoitelna, such a mortgage only for clients who offer a building society with the 100% return mark, for example at the Blue Pyramid, now for an acute 5.09 percent of the year for 28 years.

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If you are going to apply for a mortgage, interest the bank, how much to raise. What, when is your income of peppers low (do you have a self-employed person who applies costs in Paul) or do you have no documents for them? There is one here too. It’s a bag of tracks. Most banks have no receipts, but only up to 50 percent of the value of mortgaged real estate, and moreover go with a substantial year (around seven percent).

While the representatives of SOB state that this type of mortgage is not particularly big, Wstenrot hypoten banka is very popular with clients. LBBW Bank only waives this refusal at refinancing, esk spoitelna and UniCredit Bank do not offer this service.

We can be handcuffed to anything

Last year, many banks offered the opportunity to join an additional pension mortgage under the same conditions. For those, you could then come to your apartment or go on vacation.

The new law on consumer heat has changed the conditions and consumer demand can be repaid exceptionally without a high penalty, which threatened two. Banks were afraid that clients could use this provision for non-target mortgages. Some states then abandoned this service in full, others conditioned the additional darkness that they have to travel. You for further reconstruction, equipped and further connected with housing (SOB group, UniCredit Bank).

Komern banka offers a 2-in-1 mortgage, where you sign separate contracts for steel and non-steel construction. Without conditions, today only mBank can offer such a mortgage, where it is possible to take out 30 percent of the required mortgage. Wstenrot has expanded its offer with a special Hypotka product for anything with a guaranteed rate of 6.40 percent ron.

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