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There are several ways to terminate the pension, and if the pensioner has a choice of payment method, they should be thoroughly acquainted with the tax implications of such payment. How do you ut from naspoench pensions to retirement maximum?

The concorder applies the tax form (sick tax) in all ways, but on the one hand the rate of this tax and thus even the composition from which this tax is derived. It is easy to see how much you take from the state in case you decide to look for your pension pension.

The pension fund manager recommends it for pensioners of the youngest generation, but its financial suitability in the horizon of about 40 years (the horizon of the twenty-year-old’s retirement) is at least debatable. Therefore, it does not seem that a participant in a supplementary pension will cancel such a contract as a result of the financial settlement of the contract, but he will be entitled to a one-off settlement or pension.

In odbytnho is srkov that nejvy 25%

It is sold to a member of the pension supplement who has paid contributions for at least the minimum period specified in the pension benefit (usually 12 months) and the contract is terminated prematurely (either by a debit or death in favor of the beneficiaries). The sales fund determines the pension fund as the sum of all contributions paid by the shareholder and the share of the income arising from these contributions.

It is logical that the successful termination of the contract will be sent to the participant. Sales by virtue of the premature termination of the contract does not include any contributions or shares in the revenues arising from these contributions.

The final income tax and the payment of the pension fund and the income tax provisions established by the Income Tax Act are especially evident, if the recipient receives the income tax included in the tax. This principle seems to be the case even for the case of one-time settlement and payment of pensions, which I will deal with later. The big inappropriate is in the case of a sales tax rate of 25%.

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One-off settlement of the tax, but it is not possible to deduct the tax base for the employer’s contributions

The payment in the form of a one-off balance is not included in the payment type group corresponding to the balance of the executive. This undoubtedly postponed the consumption of the taxpayer in favor of the creation of a financial reserve of dignities for the dignified st. One-off settlement equals those pension pension participants who meet the conditions for entitlement to a retirement, disability or retirement pension.

The weakness of this method of payment is the fact that the basis for the calculation of income taxes can be reduced only by the contributions paid by the fee (PP member) and by the contribution. In this case, it is not possible to reduce the tax base for any contributions of the employer paid after 1.1.2000. This may be inappropriate, especially in cases where the employer’s contributions played a significant role in creating a financial reserve within the pension supplement. It is probably not necessary to emphasize that the lower tax rate of 15% is applied here in comparison with sales.

Payment in the form of a pension is paid mainly at the expense of the employer’s contribution

From the point of view of the state, the most popular form of pension supplement is two types of pension. This is also a tax rate of 15% Serbian tax, which is paid into the budget of the pension fund directly for the pension participant. The main difference in comparison with the one-off settlement is the fact that the tax base can also be deducted from the employer’s contributions, namely contributions paid to the pension insurance before and after 1.1.2000.

If you can determine the tax impact of this difference in contracts, where substantially the creation of reserves comes first from the employer’s contribution. On the other hand, I would like to turn away from the tax analysis specifically in the area of ​​financial advice.

The reality of the Czech pension market is the fact that one-off equilibrium is in comparison with two pensions in absolute balance. The personality of personality psychology (to determine the skepticism of employees about their longevity) or the employer’s contributions do not play a significant role in pension contracts. Dal point to the bond may have its own set of mortality tables affecting your income. All these areas could provoke an interesting discussion on this comment.

But let’s try to recapitulate the principles of taxpayment payments in the summary table.

Type of door


One-off leveling

Dvky penz

and from




Typ dan




Tax obligations of the taxpayer




Zklad pro vpoet dan

Contributions astnka and podl on the inputs from them

Put se or pspvky astnka to sttn pspvky

Put se or pspvky zamstnance, sttn pspvky to pspvky zamstnavatele


The participant is not entitled to the payment of state contributions and according to the income from them

In conclusion, it can be stated that a very important factor for the choice of the door from the point of view of the employee should be the approach of the employer to part and not to the pension supplement. For three employers, the employee should at least think about two in the form of pensions.

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