Don’t let the card go bad, get ten

Seven out of ten R residents are among the proud holders of payment cards. The number of issued cards, the more often we encounter their misuse. At the same time, you need to remember the basic rules. Do you really know them?

Of course, it is first necessary to realize that whatever pension you do not have physically in your hand, their place is taken by the first plastic card that you actually hold in your hand. That’s why you need to be as careful with your credit card as you do with cash.

The cheapest is prevention

Anyone who comes to the bank to pick up a payment card (even when renewing it, or when requesting a completely new payment card) will receive, in addition to the contractual documentation, the business conditions for issuing and using payment cards. I put my hand on the heart, who actually went through the formula in detail.

In addition to these basic documents, most banks first gave the client, together with the card, a summary of instructions, a kind of “Ten” safe payment card. In addition, you will also receive information on how to enter them and how much will be insured against the loss and misuse of payment cards, etc. ), you must be able to file a change of ten.

All banks then refer to their own websites, where the client can find the necessary information at any time. Moreover, in the event that the market first appears about the misuse of payment cards, e.g. znm koprovn cards from an ATM. The cardholders are thus informed about this through the bank’s website.

Table: Overview of data in connection with the loss and theft of debit payment cards (in K)
Bank Blocking /
stop listace

Since when are the bank responsible for the transaction (without insurance)

Insurance costs
KB 150/2 000 from the full day of blocking 192-276
S 200/500 48 hours before blocking * 170-480
UNDER 200/2 000 24 hours before blocking 150-1300
PS 0/2 000 from full day of blocking ** 0-1300
RB 200/2 000 after blocking 0
Citibank 0 1 hour after blocking only for KK ***
eBanka 200/1 900 1 hour after blocking 230-720
HVB 100/1500 after blocking 300-500
IBA 0 from the full day of blocking 250-300
Volksbank 200/2 000 after blocking 150-1300


100/1 000 from the full day of blocking 0

* client co-participation 4,500 K
** Max ticket – 24 moves. ped block
*** KK = kreditn karty

When uk misused and lost cards occur

As soon as you find out that your payment card is faulty, or you notice doubtful transactions on the entry from here, decide to block the card immediately, or stoplisting (blocking – for electronic payment cards; stoplisting – invalid for embossed payment cards, irreversible process). The Bank for unjustified transactions before the loss is reported and the blocking is carried out to a different extent, usually taking responsibility and immediately reporting the loss and the card.

Loss of return can be covered by insuring the payment card against loss and misuse, for which you pay extra, and in the case of some cards it is definitely not small. An exception in this respect is Raiffeisenbank and BAWAG Bank, where it is free of charge (it is included in the price of the payment card).

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Ten secure payment cards

Following the rules, by following them you can avoid a lot of problems, you should drill into the memory.

1. Never untie your credit card when using it
2. It is best to remember the PIN for the card (do not write it on the card, do not wear it written on the card, even stored in a mobile phone), you will not forget that they can steal not only the payment card, but also the phone
3. When shopping with a credit card online, avoid unreliable merchants
4. In case of any suspicion of misuse of the card, block it immediately, pp. stoplisting
5. When obtaining a new payment card – let its appearance be copied (in the case of a complaint, this is important evidence)
6. Cast the signature on the signature strip of the payment card from the signature pattern here (ie in order to prevent unauthorized withdrawal from the bank here)
7. If you often travel abroad, it pays to own two credit cards in case of loss or damage to one of them
8. To pay on the Internet and in the store, proceed to use the card always with the utmost caution
9. Protect your payment card not only from mechanical damage, but also close contact with a mobile phone (this electronic card can completely degrade the magnetic stripe)
10. Influence set vbru limits, pp. split the required limit into two cards

Source: banks
Sdruen consumer defense

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