Don’t get oiled. Pt mt about complaints

The relationship between the consumer and the seller and service provider is governed mainly by civil law. Ignorance of our first ones really “drink dearly” when it comes to consumer problems. Can you deal with the following cases?

“The consumer most often wants to solve problems with complaints, quality and non-delivery of goods and related to unfair business practices. The interest is thus a departure from the contracts concluded by means of communication on the long and off-premises for business. Most of us have concerns about consumer goods, financial services, mobile operators and housing-related services, ”said Luk Zelen, head of the first department of the test, which prepared an explanation of the five most frequent consumer cities.

1. mtusI need an invoice and a thin invoice for the complaint

When making a complaint, you do not need an invoice or a thin bill, it is enough to prove that you have purchased everything from the seller.

This can be evidenced by an inscription from the bank here, a mature letter, old complaint protocols, original packaging, the specificity of the goods (if no one else sells it), and, in the extreme case, a witness statement.

2. mtusGoods in discounts cannot be claimed

This claim is unjustified. Even discounted goods can be claimed for 24 months. The exception of your discount, which was provided for a defect of the product – for such a defect, the goods cannot be claimed, for all other defects of the given goods, I will pay the salary.

3. mtusWhen buying on IO mm the same first as the consumer

If you state the number identified in the contract, you will be able to indicate that you enter into the first relationship as an entrepreneur. Hence the differences in your first.

For example, you do not have a deadline of 24 months to file a complaint and there is no 30-day deadline for making a complaint. If you claim that you did not act as an entrepreneur, you must prove it in the event of a dispute.

4. mtusI can withdraw from each contract

Withdrawal from the contract is only possible in cases where the law so permits or you agree on it with the seller.

You can withdraw from the purchase contract, for example, if the seller acknowledges your complaint for the same zvaduzbo. Or if you can’t fix or replace it. You can withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days in the case of purchase via the Internet and by telephone, ie in the case of contracts concluded in the form of long-term communication (with certain exceptions, for example, if the goods are modified to a new order).

5. mtusPersonally picked up the goods for the purchase in the e-shop

If the e-shop operator claims that you cannot withdraw from the contract within 14 days, because you picked it up personally, I am not right.

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