Doho have a nice job, buddy. People often look for known people

Looking for a good job? And u decided you st? According to a survey by the consulting company Randstad among Czech employees, most people have found the current work through personal contacts and recommended by them.

In a crisis, this leads to pressure or protection. At a time when tk is to find some work at all, the word of a push or a former teammate from a wheel is completely obsolete.

Without acquaintance, I would not get the city, the wife of a former colleague works in companies, she also agreed with me and they were not looking for anyone, a simple recruitment process was described by one of the discussants on the portal. This was the year 2011, when the Czech Republic was recovering from the recession and 15 people without work fell to one position offered.

However, contracting work is still possible today, during the growth of the labor market, when the offered position is mostly unemployed. It is not a matter of finding work, as in a crisis period, but finding a good city with a good salary, good travel and sunshine. And that’s what the emergency is all about, and the market is growing or not.

Randstad, a personnel consulting company, interviewed five thousand people who changed their jobs last year. Although they were most often found on job portals, they eventually found a new employer for personal contacts. Last year, 53 percent of survey respondents used them in the city.

Tom Hradeck from Prtice in the Brno region also helped his employer find a substitute for himself in the place of production. I’m sick of who’s after me. At that moment, two in a row have their name and I would not recommend someone I am not convinced that he will find this position young.

This method is really supported by the companies themselves. Brigdnci so brigdnci, workers on agreement and the main employment. Only during his low unemployment is there a derogatory pressure, but a reference bonus.

How to search for people and find new work
they were looking for nali
working portly 64 % 35 %
separate contacts 53 % 38 %
corporate website 50 % 16 %
Google 39 % 11 %
to prce 37 % 14 %
Facebook 32 % 11 %
recruites 28 % 14 % 25 % 8 %
LinkedIn 14 % 2 %
job fairs 10 % 3 %
Twitter 3 % 2 %
Zdroj: Randstad Employer Brand Research

Personal contacts and recommendations are still effective, among other things, due to the motivation associated with it. The employer very often pays for employees who bring a new colleague, he did not have a bonus. Depending on the position and field, it can range from prints of crowns to tens of thousands of items, explains the marketing manager of the Czech branch of Randstad, Albta Honsov.

ukanda in the village

Although a simple comparison of the number of vacancies and the unemployed, it might seem that there is no shortage anywhere, when examining job advertisements it is easy to see that the offer is quite good. The demand is mainly after long debts of its kind.

The biggest problems with the occupancy of vacancies are currently in construction, production mainly in the automotive industry and energy. Missing professions as an operator in production, flooring, carpentry, gossip, but such a pack or an auxiliary debtor, says Michal Novk from the job portal

On the other hand, administrative positions are among those that often do not even get into job advertisements. Thanks to ukand, the people will take them apart two, not the advertisement will come out at all. The attraction is easy work not in the factory or you are close to living. This is typically for series, bicycles and bowling, libraries or companies in smaller municipalities.

I have been working on the ad for over ten years and I do not remember that we would ever develop an advertisement for a vacancy. When my colleagues left for retirement or for their mother, we immediately paid a dam in the village. It turned out in pubs, it was agreed with the mayor and holina joined the town, describes a village from the South Moravian village who does not want to be named.

Do the same for HR professionals, who often delete information about a new position first among people in the company. And wait. We now fill about a quarter of the vacancies on the basis of recommended employees, thanks to which people can be recruited for a very busy and specific position, kHR manager of BNP Paribas Cardif Pojiovny Kateina Krist.

Sing about your s

While in recent years the people had to rely on nearby and well-known people from their surroundings, today they can reach far more popular people on social networks. People who want to be caught, labor market experts like to build and take care of their networking, ie with contact. Until now, the closest people were a family, friends, but you can let it grow with another interesting personality who will help you move your career. They are former colleagues, fellows, enthusiastic or you your cosmetics, coach and the birth of your child’s friend.

When I was on the hit with my daughter, I missed one of my mothers drinking while working. She promised to inquire at the company, and the next day she offered me a reception. I was happy, I worked again until my mother, but he was not used to Petra for five years.

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