Do you want to drink cheaply? Try to take out a student girl

If you have a student in your family, you can drink cheaply through retirement. One hundred banks to apply for a student loan. Even though it is intended for financial studies, the actual situation is not monitored in the end. Only those banks have it in the offer.

A student of the university who decides to borrow and finance the bank on behalf of his studies, especially at the same time. Banks that offer him a special product – a student loan – this spot on the fingers of one hand.

Only esk spoitelna, Komern banka and UniCredit Bankmaj v nabdcespeciln vr for students and lend them less than a year. To finance studios for clients and Raiffeisenbank. In her case, however, it is not a separate loan for students, as is the case with other banks, but a so-called front loan for other investments, one of the first to be financial studies.

Special vry for students are intended for the financing of secondary school and university studies, language rounds and studies abroad.

years the rate of student loans is around eight and ten percent. Thus, by a few percentage points, not in the case of classic non-steel consumer markets, which could thus serve as a financial study.

Levn vr i pro nestudenty?

Although special products are intended for students to cover the extra costs of studying, banks do not monitor whether the client-student will actually use the pension in this way. Theoretically, it is possible that the student’s family will use “cheap” pensions for other people, there are no expenses for his studies. The bank when the applicant submitted a valid proof of identity and a certificate of study.

“We do not follow el pjky for study. We will pay the pension to the client in cash, or we will transfer it to his client, ”explains Jan Holinka from esk spoitelny. UniCredit Bank and Komern banka have a similar attitude to the student body, which allows students of higher or professional rounds to retire anything. Students of secondary bicycles can only pay for co-workers with a student bill from Komerka.

only Raiffeisenbank monitors. “Let’s send directly to the bank, not to the applicant,” to Tom Kofro, speaking to the bank.

Postponement of installments will raise the annual rate and health, incl

Student loans have several positives compared to classic consumer goods. The first of these are mainly years of rates. The banks will provide the client with a student loan with a year from 8.51 percent (Komern banka) to 10.21 percent (UniCredit Bank) from the sample deposit. If a student wants to finance his / her studies with a consumer loan from other banks, he / she must prepare for years of around 13-17 percent.

The erp client vr 100 thousand crowns with a maturity of five years
Bank years rate (in%) Msn installment with fees (in K) Fees (in K) In 5 years bank borehole (in K)
esk spoitelna 8,90 2 137 59 – msn for led vrovho tu 128 220
Komern bank 8,51 2 103 50 – msn for led vrovho here 126 180
Raiffeisenbank 8,93 2 244 150 – msn for led vrovho here; 1,000 per month 134 640
UniCredit Bank 10,21 2 205 19 – msnza waterstudent account; 50 – msnza of water vrovho tu 132 300

The loan applicant will take a moment to agree with the bank. With the exception of Raiffeisenbank, which loses a thousand crowns for its reputation, other banks have no idea what to provide. Raiffeisenbank is the most expensive even in the case of the current fee for keeping the balance, it demands a lot as much as other banks.

In addition to Raiffeisenbank, you have the bank left to allow students to settle their installments and after graduation. Due to the fact that the maximum maturity of the year is set for over ten years, in the case of five years of study, the client still has another five years to pay the debt.

I do not mean that the bank would not do anything for the first five years. During the study, the castle begins to meet the principal years and after its completion. Banks provide deferred payments to clients free of charge. Postponement of repayments by the student loan is known to be disadvantaged and healthy. The bank will raise the annual rate for this client.

For example, if you ask one hundred thousand crowns with Komern banka, you will meet the rates of 8.51 percent for five years with 2,103 crowns. In total, drill 126,180 crowns to the bank. However, if you postpone the payment and at the end of the study, the bank will raise the annual rate to 9.51 percent and for the first five years you will pay the bank more than 792.50 crowns. Next five years vs ek splcen principal 2 101 crowns msn. In total, drill 173,610 crowns for the bank in 10 years.

Regular income may not be, the guarantor

Students have it deep in their pockets and, in addition to pensions from basic beers, they have to rely on subsidies from their parents. This has also been taken into account by banks and applicants do not require a regular income from a student loan applicant. Nevertheless, I want to have them, and then come to the family, who will become the guarantors, as well as the common sun.

Komern banka also joins the bank’s deposit, as well as the building savings at the Blue Pyramid. esk spoitelna does not require security for loans up to 100 thousand crowns, for users from 100 thousand to 300 thousand crowns the applicant must have a guaranteeable bond. In case the student does not get his / her own income, he / she requires a co-payment bank.

Only Raiffeisenbank deviates from this practice and requires the provision of regular monthly income in the amount of at least 12 thousand crowns per month.

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