Do you want to drink? Call the insurance policy in case of failure

Heat insurance in case of inability to meet is not exactly cheap. Fulfill the heat, especially mortgages, increase by hundreds of crowns per month. Therefore, it is good to know when it pays to take out insurance and when not.

“It doesn’t matter as much about the faith as it does about the financial situation and the family’s property. If the long-term employee has a sufficient financial reserve, the insurance may also remain for him. On the other hand, if the rest of the family is referred to the applicant’s income, then it makes sense, regardless of faith, ”to Tom Kofro of Raiffeisenbank.

According to Jan Marek from esk pojiovny, arranging life insurance risks is not so necessary for clients who do not have a family or other close ones. “Wrong with the individual needs of the client and his relationship to risk,” says Marek. If this land is long without children, the unpaid will remain in the bank, in the case of a mortgage then the mortgage.

With vru insurance, it can be achieved for a year

Some domestic banks always require a mortgage insurance, or at least motivate clients to take a year with a rate if they arrange insurance for the insurance. At UniCreditBank, you also increase the probability that it will be approved. At this bank, you must repay the insurance against the deposit once when arranging it.

For both mortgages and consumer debts, you can repay the price of the insurance even if you pay for the patina. This means that with an average mortgage of 1.7 million crowns, it means that you want to go for 47 thousand crowns for five years. In other banks, for a discount of a few tenths of a percent on the year, you will be able to pay from 430 to about 1,200 crowns, depending on the type of insurance policy, due to the inability to pay the debt.

Fuse for death and loss of labor

Binders are offered in several variants according to the risks against which the long-term protects. And according to that, the scale and the price. The base is insured against death from any pins and sometimes against permanent disabilities. In another variant, the connection to incapacity for work is the most comprehensive, which includes all the basic risks, then it is also connected against the loss of employment.

This last option is usually not possible for most fuses, self-employed and self-employed (OSV). For example, Kooperativ does not even associate against this risk.

It pays to know the insurance conditions at the time, when you pay the installments for the insurance company. It is usually the salary that the insurance company pays for the client in the event of a long-term illness or when you will be unemployed for at least two months. In addition, fillers from the connection do not last vn. You have a maximum of a year for which you should solve your situation so that you can meet your own requirements.

The fuse length can be constantly decreasing

How much you will pay for insured inability to meet can be affected by the type of insurance. Choose a fuse with a constant and decreasing plug. The difference in msn installment between these fuses is usually several hundred crowns. For Allianz, for an average mortgage of 1.7 million crowns with a maturity of 20 years, this difference will be 336 crowns, for esk pojiovny 508 crowns and for esk podnikatelská pojiovny (PP) even 721 crowns.

Insurance with a constant amount means that the cover is the same limit at all times and you pay more the same amount. This type of connected meaning of the document for those who want to have, in addition to the faithful, also a family and gave bundles. If you die, your family will be able to repay the problem without any problems and the pension will remain in reserve.

For a connection with a declining amount, you will pay less for me as it decreases in the outstanding principal amount. The insurance company thus accurately copies individual installments of loans and loans, and insurance companies and banks recommend it first for consumer payments on its payments. You pay 50 thousand crowns for such an insurance, the insurance will cost PP 16 crowns and for hundreds of thousands of loans it will cost 33 crowns per month.

According to Petr Milata, SOB Pojiovny derives its premium from the premium payment. “When a lower installment is due to you due to an extraordinary installment and an extended fulfillment period, it will be connected in a lower installment,” concludes Milata.

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