Do you want maximum profit? The inputs are uncertain

The return on investment is very important, incl. Especially in the case if we want to invest for a long time. Find the type of input that will suit you best. At the same time, look at the risks.

We want above-average profit

We know that investing is associated with risk, but at the same time we want far returns, not how term deposits or “safe” investments in the form of money market funds can offer. We want our pensions to multiply and let them do a little part of it – at least 3 or 5 years and so on.

We have patience and let’s take an interesting profit. Let’s know it doesn’t have to be right away, it won’t be in a year or two. We know that in a year our investments have no value, not how much we have invested, but still a lot of money.

In that case, you might be interested in such a fund for us:


Return on the exchange portfolio, which contains 70% of the bond and 30% of the share over a horizon of (less than) 7 years.


The inputs are quite uncertain. In this case, an interesting profit of + 32% was achieved in (less than) 7 years. They are a bag of times when this did not happen. Nap. in the first two years, the value of the investment did not change, resp. for a while it fell and for a while it grew. If we needed to choose a pension after two years, we would not have a day to pay if we had to. If we hit the “wrong moment”, we could close the whole investment with a loss.


The return of the exchange fund, which contains 70% of the bond and 30% of the action over a horizon of (less than) 6 years.


He developed the investment according to the second chart. Here, after about 6 years, we released about 5%. During this time we had to laugh at a temporary loss of almost 20%. If we had more money and bought the fund in the city of its minimum (approximately in June 2002), the situation would be the same. But these are just “ifs”. At that time, no one could have known that the fund was first and will grow. Likewise, no one in May 2000 could have known that the fund had a long decline in its value.

Simple and short: Inputs are uncertain and fluctuating, but they can be dark.

with double share. Who is to blame?

We want maximum profit

We want our investments to be as valuable as possible and we want to give them enough time to do so. We realize that it is not possible to achieve a high wealth of investments by copying the investment or just slightly overpowering it. We want to give our pensioners so that the brushes will give pensions. We want to do business on a large scale around the world and we want to do business on their profits.

We are willing to bear the risk of a decline in investment and we have enough patience to let the investment and correct any declines. We can keep the invested pension for 5, 10 or even more years. Lkaj ns inputs around 10% (on average). However, neither are excluded
dog inputs 30% in one year.

The event inputs looked like this:


The relative value of one dollar invested in 1921 in US stocks.


The investment in the action meets the qualities we imagined at the end of the chapter. Thanks to this investment, it is possible to achieve a strong return. Over the last 83 years, the shares have significantly appreciated the potential investment of 420krt. For one dollar invested, we could buy 420krt more than 83 years ago. We are not interested in such a long investment, because this time is “from the cradle to the grave” for us.


The value of one dollar invested in 1984 in the US
action. (How much did the purchase of the invested dollar rise?)



Return on the equity fund for 6 years (Globalstock).


However, it can be deduced from this that the funds invested in this way by an average of 7.5% of the annual return on investment. These times include the Great Depression, the kind of wolf worlds and the collapse of the internet bubble. Pesto shares um pinet such high yields.

Even in the last 20 years, the action has been very successful for a long time. For one dollar invested 20 years ago, we could buy 6.27krt more than 20 years ago. This represents an average return of 9.6% over the investment. Just let’s talk about “average input” and long-term horizons over 20 years. How do stock investments turn out in the short term? How will I look like you in 5 years’ time?

Anyone who invested 6 years ago in a fund that invests in global stocks will record about 50% loss as of the day. He had the contract that he invested exactly at a time when world markets were at a maximum and have since fallen sharply. To this end was added the strengthening of the crown and the weakening of the dollar, and the bottom is perfect. This example shows what a pinst investment in an action can do.

ryvek from the book: Investovn pro zatenky

Length 1: Basic question: for I want to invest
2. dl: How do you want input?


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