Do you risk your health in sports? You probably have to pay for the price

People who practice adrenaline sports are often completely overwhelmed by the risk, and their interest costs hundreds of crowns. The Ministry of Health therefore wants the people to pay their attention for gambling once and for all.

In hospitals on operative hearing, the first to voluntarily risk their health are most likely. The consequences of one of the adrenaline sports (such as bungee jumping, rafting, air sports, paragliding, ski mountaineering, wild motorcycling, diving and more) are among the most invited and often the most expensive.

The option to pay for the above standard opens

Just before the month, deputies approved the first part of the health reform, which, among other things, is divided into standard health care, as well as under paid health insurance, and above-standard health care, which new patients could pay for from their own. The government’s amendment to the law on public health insurance is due to an overdraft order.

He is currently in the process of preparation and weights of the Ministry of Health, which will be considered as standard and above-standard health care. However, it is still possible that only the result of the disease, even once, which the people feed with their own irresponsible breeding, could belong to the sphere of care to which the people creep.

Connection is not a priority

In the event that the patient’s participation is determined once during the operation of adrenaline sports, the weight in the weight is that the people could be insured. At present, the law on public health insurance does not bind this possibility.

Health insurance companies would understandably welcome a change in the law on public health insurance. “An ideal idea for the future, related to the health care reform, is the possibility for our clients to take out health insurance first, once from adrenaline sports facilities,” said Hana Kadekov from the Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior.

“The possibility of requiring public health insurance to be involved in the activities that run risky sports is currently only in terms of ideas as one of the possible options for discussion in the future, and fundamental priority reform steps will be addressed. At the moment, the concrete outlines do not have to go down, ”adds Vlastimil Sre from the press department of the Ministry of Health.

So it is not clear how much the connection would be connected to or whether the hunter could be insured once for a specific event, even if he had to close the connection celoron, for example.

Only connected within the framework of a single connection

Not all standard one-time fuses cover the risks posed by the operation of threnaline sports. The client will receive protection in case of permanent consequences, disability, hospitalization and death as a result.

Clients of Pojiovna esk spoitelny, for example, with the closed life insurance Flexi, will meet the insurance of risky recreational sports (climbing, diving, bungee jumping, rafting, fighting and other sports). And for 30 days a calendar year, they can enjoy free adrenaline sports.

Activation of the connection is very simple. If you decide in the evening to go rafting with your bird at the weekend, just send an SMS in the required form of a clear contract and then it will be set immediately.

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