Do you open beyond the borders? Only when you go there or work

Banks of yours, I go abroad, many people think of fees and breeding banks. Mon it is, but probably neuette. Although foreign banks are cheaper, accidents are for everyone. You will only use the suitability here if you work abroad.

Railways and transfer of pensions

If you want to withdraw from an ATM in the Czech Republic, a fee vs. a fee for withdrawal from a foreign ATM and six euros, somewhere also a fee for the purchase at a store.

If your pension will come from Czech, ask for the fees for transferring currency and sending you abroad. Every bank has, but also in a cheaper case (lasting pension to the Union) it is around 200 crowns per transaction.

“I was abroad abroad with a credit card when I lived there. I use it from a bag, usually when I’m abroad, or for small payments. And there everything is free, as the only one that would not pay off for me, when I have a euro in me. In addition, I do not know if the Czech employer would send me a pension abroad, ”says one of the discussants on the Internet in her experience.

“If you just want to save, then paradoxically the best choice will be Fio Bank. And to withdraw from the ATM for free. A great advantage is the automatic ‘Slovak’ (in euros), which is suitable for incoming payments from abroad, because there are no fees, only the conversion rate, “he added.

et zalo jen nkomu

Setting up a business here abroad may not be easy. Vladimír Zdrail from Pardubice, who tried to open it in England, Belgium and the Netherlands, was convinced of this.

“All of you were in a hurry.” Despite the fact that all banks state that two documents of identity opened here abroad, they wanted me to confirm from the employer about the income, and even the local debit, ie the client of their bank, who would vouch for me. For, no one explained to me, because these are their internal regulations, ”explains the practice of Zdrail banks.

“But I think they are so sure that foreigners do not pension them. According to me, the only way to open an account in these countries is to get a job with a local employer. In another case, do not have much power to succeed, ”adds.

for people from the border

In the lands just beyond the borders, you are not without ance. For example, in Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien with the message in itav you can start without problems in Liberec. Even their internet sites are in etin.

All you have to do is fill in the form on the Internet, then send the documents with your first signature or go to Liberec to one of the branches in Germany (for example in Italy and Neugersdorf, where you can also agree in Czech) and start. Then u jen et ovldte from home via the internet.

The bag for a hunter who goes to the border or goes shopping in Germany is a good idea. He gets two cards here, but payment with them is free only in countries where you pay in euros. In the Czech Republic and elsewhere, payment with a merchant card will cost one percent of the hundred, at least one, a maximum of three euros. So do not meet with free ATM withdrawals in Czech. Pay 6 euros for withdrawals from ATMs of other banks not of the Sparkasse group.

“As part of my monthly fee of 2.5 euros for OnlineKonto, you can pay a free deposit or deposit on your money. He also uses this more than withdrawals from ATMs, ”to the representatives of the German bank in Liberec.

“We have an exchange rate on the website, but it is not very often renewed, so I recommend clients to check whether the exchange rate is not appropriate in the direction, and then decide whether to deposit or withdraw crowns or euros,” adds the bank.

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