Do you have a home office? Tips for employees and companies, how to work from home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in tm msc ada lid work from home. Some have got used to it quickly, others can save significantly with the new mode. Tips on how to make your home office more efficient, and if you are an employee or a child from the position of a manager, pin the Ji Jemelka business. And add advice for business people who had to quit their business.

Those who are not used to working from home can wonder a bit how to cope. Jin threw themselves into the new regime with gusto, because it was exactly what they had been trying to persuade their employers for a long time. As sad and sad as the current situation is, we are making changes for the better.

If the employer lags behind the world in the trend of home office, now they can see in practice its benefits. And who knows, after the end of the pandemic, we will notice a strong number in this area.

Tips for employees

A number of people have started their unexpected home office with the belief that it is only a short-term matter and therefore there is no need to take special measures. Here, however, it is important to remember that in order for work from home to be efficient and complete, the rules are necessary. Home office is suitable to take completely outside as normal work from the office and business and to order a quality home to work. Improve your performance and eliminate stress from possible time transfer.

1.Add your harmonica

Due to the current measures, it is obvious that many parents go to the home office after a crushing day of the day sharing space and as well as children. While young children, of course, need supervision, so in the world you will have to rely on a partner and put close, the old ones will usually organize for a while.

Putting them away is that even when you are at home, it does not mean that you have time off. Tell them from when to when you need peace at work and after all during this time do not have anything neurgent. Strictly follow your schedule yourself. An honest approach is to a productive home office key.

2.Get ready

It is clear that if you work from home only temporarily, you will not immediately start setting up a permanent home office. Pesto is not good to rely on the fact that with a laptop you can fill the wheels calmly from bed.

If you have the opportunity, at least fly a corner right to work. Ideally, it should be as quiet as possible with plenty of natural light, a large table and more space to store everything you need for your work. Choose as comfortable as possible, best with a good wall rest. Highlight the work area well and keep it as clean as possible. Every day after you have finished your work, make sure to spend the next day in the same environment.

3.Pestvky aktivn

Even during work from home, it is good to fill the orchards and observe them. If you are working on a potato, always use the orchids to calm down, look at the length, into the green, try it. During the break, try to completely browse the Internet and the new social centers, where you threaten to get stuck and lose time, you did not fulfill.

Instead, work out a little: stretch whether, massage a stiff neck, make a stripe or stick to the front of the exercise bike for a quarter of a watch. Physical activity in the current and acidification of the blood, in addition, contributes to the production of serotonin, the hormone of well-being. The next shift will be better for you.

4.Keep in touch with colleagues

According to expert studies, one of the biggest problems with working from home is the feeling of loneliness and isolation of home office workers. To do this, in the current situation, the impact of various quarantine measures is needed, which can increase the feeling of isolation and longing for human society. That is why it is good to try to keep in touch with colleagues from work not only when fully fulfilling the work rounds. There are ideal online communication platforms such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, or social networks.

Tips for managers

Of course, the manaei also had to adapt to the new situation. Suddenly, from the offices and advisory rooms of the dark workers, they moved home, which could slow down cooperation, leading to communication skills, misunderstandings and ambiguities. How can you make a long-term employee more efficient?

1.Create clear instructions and strengthen internal communication

If you are in the home office mode for the first time in the dark, expect that a number of employees may be confused about how it will take place, how they should do their school and the like. It is up to you to provide them with clear instructions, including specific wheels, deadlines, instructions on who to contact if necessary, how to use the communication tools.

Take care that you will need to know how to send internal communication during the work mode from home. To do this, make full use of the available tools of online chats, websites, social networks and, above all, acquaint your people with the possibilities of how they can work together for a long time.

2.Make video calls

If you’re not used to it in your darkness, then the best time to work is with mass video calls and video conferencing. Thanks to this, you can give meetings and brainstormings even in this remote mode, which you often can’t do without. It is advisable to record these events so that you can distribute them to those involved and other members of the dark, who, for example, could not obscure at the moment due to the children who must be at home.

3.Please inform about your availability

It is clear that everyone works at the office, where your office is and when I need to drink for you if necessary. But once they were in the home office, about two situations could arise: either they call me for a while, or don’t call me at all, because they won’t be sure if they can call. In the first case, they will block from other work and disrupt moments of rest, in the second case, they will be stumbling with their wheels and the work will generally rise.

Therefore, clearly inform your team about the time periods when they can contact you. Update these times regularly as needed and use, for example, online chats and social centers, where you can indicate your current availability. If you find that anyone in the dark hasn’t contacted her for a long time, call him or fly first to see if he’s on his side and doesn’t need help with him. But don’t do it too often to avoid micromanagement.

4.Use emoticons in text communication

With the darkness in the home office, of course, you have to keep in mind that the communication between the text is dominated by text or telephone communication. Keep in mind that this is a well-known non-verbal component of communication. This is extremely important. In addition to the varied use of video, it pays to rely on a medium that at first glance seems quite childish: emoticons, possibly various pictures and gifs.

Appropriately chosen visual additions to the text will help you indicate a lightening, or mitigate the impact of the text, which might otherwise seem more authoritative and critical. So keep in mind that the current situation does not give people a positive mood, so you will be reluctant to communicate.

And what about self-employed and small entrepreneurs?

In addition to employees at the home office, so many self-employed and small entrepreneurs found themselves at home due to coronavirus, from incense burners to fitness trainers and to shop and catering operators. For all of them, it will very likely be possible to restart your business after the worst waiting for the laps. Many experts in this regard recommend that you do not rely on the help of the state in the form of doors and take-offs, or seek the help of crisis managers and advisers.

In the event of an unfilled holiday, you can take some steps to help you get back on your feet. Try to formulate a new business strategy, analyze future data and value them with regard to unexpected losses. Try to take an example of the situation now and consider how to adjust or supplement your business in order to mitigate the effects of a similar crisis in the future.

It is important for you not to lose contact with your customers even during the break. Just because you don’t sell your services or products doesn’t mean you don’t build your business. Start or strengthen your marketing activities. It is clear that the squadrons will not help you much, so also focus on the social network or web pages. Communicate with your fans, strengthen your brand. He gave the opportunity to effectively free time, he is developing and educating himself.

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