Do not wait for the end of the lby, some of whom will be reimbursed once a week

Clients will receive a one-time pension in some cases within a few days after the accident. For example, Aviv and the Czech Association post the issue of medicine first from the same immediately at once. Elsewhere, it is necessary to wait for the pension and to end the payment.

Due to the number, more than five thousand people are read in the Czech Republic every day, and the time often reaches several weeks and a month, which of course depends on the type of time. Even this winter will be warmed up by many people who are most often entertained. Pat among the first fractures, various sprained joints and frostbite.

once and the necessary time of his linen are for everyone a tangible range in the budget. Due to the fact that the hunter is very often discharged from work and pensions, which for a period of time only from sick leave, often do not cover his expenses.

Penze ji v prbhu lby

You can get the insurance benefit once at a time from the insurance company, but you can also get it after a few days from once. Currently, this option offers several connections.

The pioneer in this direction is Allianz, which has been liquidating since eight days after 2002. Unless it is a complicated case, the client has the pension “in hand” within about three days of reporting it. The insurance company determines the premium for the basis of valuation tables for a given type of stamp (see example).

Aviva and esk pojiovna are going in this direction according to – with the liquidation of the insurance event (once) entered immediately after once. The client then receives the insurance indemnity within three days and a week from once. For the liquidation of the connection mail, first contact the client immediately at once.

“Let’s start with the document of the first, which contains the method of recommended treatment, from the analysis of development time only for individual diagnoses, from the knowledge from practice, and from cooperation with appraisals,” explains Tom Zavoral from esk pojiovny.

Of course, there are subsequent complications when choosing what, at the time of the meeting, when the client once reported, could not be expected. They were not even expected by the person who first treated the client, determined the diagnosis and the appropriate method of treatment.

In such a case, then connect the connection with a drug first, which proves the share of action. The insurance event will reopen and under the information when he will provide the pension.

Pension after lb, or deposit

You will often receive a bag of insurance benefits – once and for all. “In the event that it is not terminated, the total length of the debt is not known, and therefore it is not possible to provide both an insurance indemnity and a provision for a code event,” explains Renata Svobodov from esk podnikatelská pojiovny.

For some coupled bags, you may be able to go only once in the long haul deposit for the insurance benefit according to the current only. “The client only has to prove all the time, but he doesn’t have to give him anything about the so-called full wall during her proven time only once,” adds Petr Milata from SOB Pojiovny. Uniqa and, after all, Generali only paid out the deposit.

Mte to vbr, like nahlsit once

You have the opportunity to report yours in several ways. Whenever the insurance company offers you everything from a personal visit to the branch and to uploading it via the Internet. In any case, a written form is required.

Insurance companies for full liquidation require the correct and full completion of the notification form, which you can often download from their website, and most importantly, the pharmacy first. And if the event is being investigated by the police, you must also file a report from the police.

Hlen right away
Pojiovna Method Documents
Allianz by phone, electronically, then formula + doloen medical documentation (first from lkae)
Aviva only psemn formul i voln forma + lkask zprva
AXA did not state formul + lkask zprva
esk business then, in person and electronically form + copy of certificate of incapacity for work + copy of medical documentation + report from the report (if the police)
esk pojiovna electronically, in person, then, by phone, formul + lkask zprva z prvnho oeten once
UNDER Pojiovna only psemn formula + lkask first + police report + proof of work. incapacity
General electronically, by telephone, then, in person formul + lkask zprva
ING Pojiovna only in writing: advisor, personal, then, electronically formul + lkask zprvy
Cooperative personal, counselor, then formul + lkask zprvy
Pojiovna S osobn, potou formul + lkask zprvy
Uniqa by phone, electronically, then, in person formul + lkask zprvy
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