Do not spend on changes for the number of pensions. Look at the dates

From the end of the pension, those who were born after 1955 have been delayed. All you have to do is look for the right date or apply for an early retirement pension.

ada senior ovem v podn dosti o dchod tpe. Pkladem je tenka Eva, kter m nrok na starobn dchod od 1. nora letonho roku.

She did not apply for a pension because she wants to go to work. However, her salary is 11 and 34 thousand crowns, for which the pension can be dreamed according to the new calculation rules. “What can I do so that my pension is not saved according to the new conditions and by what date do I have enough to apply for a pension?” pt se.

The pension in the pension is between 29 and 30 of 2011

According to the spokesman of the Czech Social Security Administration Pavel Gejdoe, it is not necessary to hurry and pay enough for the pension before the change of 30/2011. However, the key is to state the right date in the future, from which time the applicant’s pension can be granted.

Therefore, if thin Eva, for example, is reimbursed in the first year in order for the pension to be returned by 29 of 2011, the pension will be calculated according to the rules in force before the small pension reform. Her pension should be about 170 crowns msn you. However, if he states enough that he wants to grant a pension, for example, from 30 of 2011 and later, when the new rules apply to the salary, a new contribution is applied and he receives a pension. “The Czech Republic must at first respect the applicant’s request and always carry out the calculation from the date from which the applicant wants to claim the pension,” the SSZ spokesman warns.

Any error in the date, but can be corrected. You must submit a written change of the date for the pension pension. And no later than 30 days, when the house comes from the Czech Social Security Administration to decide on a pension. “I’m afraid to give this change enough twice,” remarked Gejdo.

To whom does the pension pay off and to whom it does not pay

Anyone who reaches retirement age and after 30 of 2011, has to deal with it, his old-age pension will automatically spend it under the new rules of pension reform. However, if you have less than 90 days left until you reach retirement age, it may be appropriate to retire early for all.

Early retirement consumption according to the rules valid until the 29th day, it can be favorable according to the issue of the SSZ, not the old-age pension will be replaced by a new one. If this is also the case, it is good to know that you must apply for early retirement at the latest by 29 of 2011. “Early old-age pensions can be granted at the earliest from the day of the company,” explains Gejdo.

If you have more or more months left in retirement age, do not earn money for early retirement and it is better to start your old-age pension. If you are not sure what will be suitable for you, it is a good idea to contact the experts of the Czech Social Security Administration and consult a specific case with them.

How much can a pensioner stick to or from 30th of 2011
Gross msn income in K Retirement in K according to current rules Retirement in K according to the new rules Difference in K
10 tisc 8 230 8 230 0
15 tisc 9 550 9 477 -73
20 tisc 10 450 10 347 -103
30 tisc 12 034 11 963 -71
40 tisc 12 634 12 743 +109
50 tisc 13 234 13 523 +289
100 tisc 16 234 17 404 +1 170
Source: MLSA proposal, employee retirement age 40 years

The pension has been delayed since the end of 1956

Since the 30th of the Czech Republic, it has made a significant change. The pension is delayed for people born in 1956 and young. The most striking impact is expected with children born in the 60s and 70s, who retire one and a half years later. This will unify the retirement age more quickly and regardless of gender, the pension will have the same meter from 1975 and younger (more here).

He gave the novelty that eu born after 1977 retired to Kadoron by two months. The fall will have a ceiling for retirement and from ronk na rozench after 2013, the Czech Republic will retire at the age of 73 and over.

According to the new first law, from 30 of 2011 it is possible to retire on a temporary basis, by three or five years. In those two years, people with a retirement age of not 63 can retire. And five years later, after reaching the senior, they can retire, their retirement age is according to the new rules 63 and more years.

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