Do not agree with the fee charged by the bank? Brate se

Whenever I can file a complaint, if he is not satisfied with it. This is also true in bank services. If you are not thinking about changing the bank right away, get lost. File a complaint.

You may have ever discovered an item on the entry that should not have been there. If you find out that you have definitely drank your pension, do not despair. Brnit se je vae

The client first has clear information on how to proceed if he is not satisfied with the service provided to him by the bank and the provider, and on how to file a complaint. Thus, a total of 17 banks and savings banks joined the provisions of the Code of Breeding between Banks and Clients (Standard BA. 19/2005).

According to other provisions of the same document, the client also has the first right to information about the bank’s procedure for submitting a complaint. He would have a deadline, his complaint will be accepted and he would not even have information about how the possibilities of his procedure are given in case the furnace is just not satisfied with the request.

You will find the information provided by most banks, which would often only be included in the General Terms and Conditions, and in more detail in Reklamanch breath. You can usually find the full amount on the websites of individual banks. However, there are banks that have information about the course and procedures of complaints on the Internet quite a mistake. For example, Raiffeisenbank, GE Money Bank, but so is SOB.

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And in the case of a complaint, the bank also calls the complaint, the principle of its settlement is usually preserved. If you meet with us at the bank, I know you need to defend yourself at least, you have practically the only opportunity to file a complaint.

In most cases, the bank guarantees a complaint without undue delay, at the latest within 30 days from the date of the business. The deadlines vary according to the issue. Thus, complaints lasting 90 days (for example, for payment cards) were not uncommon for them. If the bank is unable to issue a complaint within the time limit, you should be notified of the bank’s further progress and thus of the new deadline.

Of course, it sometimes happens that the complaint is not made according to the applicant’s ideas. In that case, come to the word stnost (the example of Citibank, when it has a problem separately than the one that lived in the first round), or the bank’s ombudsman, respectively. his darkness The Ombudsman Institute works only in esk spoiteln (for its entire financial group), Komern banka and thus in Potovn spoiteln.

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2. stnost, resp. Round 2
3. Bank Ombudsman (if married)
4. finann arbitr, BA

Do not pay for a proper complaint

When deciding whether or not to file a complaint with the bank, the fact that you do not pay in most banks for filing a complaint will help me (apart from financial finances). Pay the fee only if your complaint is unjustified (the bank decides on the eligibility and unjustification, which may not be necessary in accordance with the client’s opinion). Pay the most for an unjustified complaint in eBanka, and CZK 350 (from August 1, 2007, this fee will be canceled).

Bank Operation Charge
in K
eBanka unjustified complaint 250 – 350
Potovn spoitelna unjustified complaint 200
UNDER unjustified card transaction claim 300

Note fees for claims for payments abroad range from 300 to 500 K (+ prices of foreign banks)

The last instance in court is the Financial Arbiter or BA
However, if you have doubts about the correctness of the decision in the complaint in the type of instance, only the last option remains. If your doubts concern the compliance or non-compliance of the breeding bank with the provisions of the Code of the Czech Banking Association, then you should contact the office of the Czech Banking Association directly. If you are not satisfied with the complaint filed with you within the bank, then you have the opportunity to contact the office of Finannho arbitrator R.

It is legally competent to decide disputes concerning activities, it is regulated by the Payment System Act (ie Act 124/2002 Coll., As amended) and disputes between persons who make financial transfers of funds in the amount of up to 50 thousand EUR . If the decision of the financial arbitrator is not satisfied, it is possible to have the whole matter judged by an independent court. With this, they may not have financial costs, in addition, you have to deal with them, usually with a long period of women.

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