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Tom Star and Tom Novk are vagi. Do business together under the Seneb brand. Make plant spreads according to your own recipes. They succeeded not only with customers, but also in the competition of entrepreneurs Rozjezdy T-Mobile.

You started the company this year, it has something to do with the fact that this year you both celebrate Christ’s lta and so you wanted to change your profession?
Tom S.
: This is a coincidence and natural development. However, the first year of 2020 is enough for me so far. In January, we founded Seneb sro and learned how to put the company. Full for this year, they took in a run with a covid for St. Natst we have cooperation with online supermarkets, which helped not only us.

In addition to Seneb, I also work as a development project manager at a Czech biotechnology company, which deals with the development of PCR diagnostic kits, which are first tested, among others, by covid-19. It was also a rune here. I also got married in June, and due to quarantine, we filled in several wedding options. Who knows about it, there is one variant.

But he’s going to arrest your business, Tom Star is a remote biochemist, Tom Novk Gymnastics. How did the vs become the producers of spreads?
Tom S.:
I always wanted to try what to do again, I just didn’t get the first idea. When I did a doctorate specializing in plant biochemistry, a colleague from the faculty was just drilling into R and Calm for a long time, that we can combine a lot of quality plant foods where there would be no sap, preservatives or other goodies and which would mainly they had good taste. And because my vagrant Tom is a great cook, I told him about my idea. Tom took it as a challenge and made the first spread with apple and parsley. She had such a hurry in our surroundings that another species was born, and we knew that it could rise.

Tom N.: I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in the Czech Budjovice. So in Seneb, let’s not do anything that I would not eat as an athlete. (smch). Nevertheless, I first studied cooking on hotel bikes and about 10 years of experience in professional kitchens. When I got an offer for an interesting collaboration in Olomouc, Tom was working on plant aids with the idea and I had to decide if I had the upper hand. How it turned out, probably here.

What about your family’s sludge?
Tom N.: My family is solid, but with their support, it was a bit of a problem. (smch) However, help us all today, for which we thank them very much.

Tom S.: My wife and sister can help me to deal with the pitfalls of business. Manelka is a child, we also discuss various aspects of life and the nurse studied hygiene, which in turn is useful in the production and operation.

How are the rules and conditions for operation? How much did you have to issue a stamp to make and sell?
Tom N.: As we do not process dn ivoin products (ie honey, milk eggs, etc.), so we will submit to the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA). We only have to meet what is necessary for the normal operation of a professional kitchen. It is necessary to set hygiene rules and notify the CAFIA of the final product on the market. Most of them know from their chef’s practice, with the rest changed. We had to approve our first establishment from the office to the kitchen, but now we used to be in that operation, and therefore load it, approved, seductive kitchen.

Tom S.: But the most important thing was to understand the business as a whole. Principles, invoicing, taxes, set up supplier relationships, find distributors with regular customers. What we actually have all the time is the least.

What does nzev Seneb mean?
Tom S.: Seneb is an Egyptian murderer in the sense of being healthy, honoring the times. The Seneb symbol looks like deep, which you can see like a green curve in our logo. So it’s not an abbreviation, as someone thinks. When we were looking for a name for a company, I found this word in a magazine. I liked it like a word, I liked the name and go ahead, Seneb didn’t have a Czech conjecture. It was also decided.

Make spreads only from plant raw materials, are you a vegetarian? And were you not afraid that the customers would not buy an epic or a new one, because they would rather have a new one?
Tom S.:
We are not vegetarians, but we are convinced that meat is consumed much more, it is not necessary. And one of the reasons may be that there are not enough full-bodied foods of plant origin. This is our challenge to each product: I must taste it! However, we do not want to primarily create alternatives to mass products and we do not have the ambition to act ideologically. We just want to show that even a plant product can be good.

Tom N.: There’s always someone who would rather quark. What we respect, but do not do, we will continue to read our password is a plant taste. In the future, we would like to expand our product range with other products and give people the opportunity to diverse selection of quality plant products.

Who washed the recipes? And did the customers ever be surprised that, for example, the species that you were convinced would be a tutu failed?
Tom N:
Basic inspiration erpm from your culinary experience, the final version then two together. Of course we have bestsellers such as celery and epic spread, but otherwise it is completely unpredictable. Bad even on the sales channel. Where to buy more mui, years of chili beans, or shackles. But we probably don’t have a loss.

Tom S.: Enjoy the two together collectively with our partners. The shackle spread with a dried vest is based on my wife’s family recipe. In addition, we are all very happy and the internal quality control just doesn’t pass anything. (smch)

Do you buy raw materials or do you grow something yourself?
Tom S.:
We would probably grow them ourselves in the future. I spent practically the whole child with my grandmother and grandfather on the farm and mma is a great gardener. I would somehow hide my growing talents. We are considering a modern way of farming, which is not so demanding on the service and space. But it is also an organizational and legislative complex. So we at least buy from local suppliers.

Sell ​​in stone shops with healthy beer and in e-shops. Where are prod vce? And do you know where your aides have gone the longest?
Tom S.:
Until recently, it was about 50 to 50, so you can sell more online, even because of coronavirus. But the stone shops are rising again. Hopefully they will soon reach the original salt.

Tom N.: N market is eclipse R and Slovakia. We also bought from us but also the Japanese and we had customers from Russian Samara. But we have a table and a lot of customers and we thank them very much for their money! And you also for the second city in the nationwide public of Rozjezd.

When we are at the competition Rozjezdy T-Mobile, what to do with the game andwhat does vs spch in contest mean?
Tom S.:
Finann vhra will clearly go to the equipped premises, to buy fillers. It is very valuable for us to play various consultations in business. spch for us means but mainly the appreciation of our idea and work on it.

Tom N.: We definitely have to buy a stuffing box!

So don’t rush when you state on your website that there is a production run. At least mixer but maybe mte?
Tom S.:
Mixer would be. Tyov. (smch) And then somehow he cuts, sits citrus. You will not find the production lines where you put the epim, thymus and trains and the spread will fall out. We really only perform the purchase of semi-automatic fillers, ready-made spreads, which is manually the least and longest activity. But Vtina is and will run for a long time.

Tom N.: I will procure the main production, I am gradually learning the helpers, all while still preparing for the work. But let’s assume that there could be money on them.

And how do you two share work and competencies? Are you always together?
Tom N.: I think we have a split division for quite some time. I don’t care about production and operation and management.

Tom S.: We agreed what to do with each of our students and we often consult. We have always agreed, and hopefully it will continue to do so.

In your opinion, how are the most positive and negative of private enterprise?
Tom N.:
Urit I gained new experience and I mastered the basics of business. I spent a lot of free time, but I definitely do not regret it. Build your own business in a dream like fulfilling your dream, and when you have fun and work on it, most of the negatives will gradually dissipate.

Tom S.: Vst company is, of course, very nron at times. I took the business as a end, thanks to which we learned a lot of interesting things. But my decisions have an influence on a lot of people, so do the pin and the big responsibility. But we are both quite stubborn and persevering, and the reward for us is a company that is developing.

And what about your full future?
Tom S
.: We would like to build a stable family company from Seneb, which produces gourmet plant products that differ from the competition in the original composition and taste. We do not want to make urite only spreads, but there are many ideas about other products. In time, let’s try some biotechnological innovation in food.

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