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“Dmitry Kiselev, the winner of Dudya, looks good against the background of wine bottles”

Dmitry Kiselev made a movie about wine. It’s high time, he’s a teetotaler. Yes, simply anti-Gorbachev: Mikhail Sergeevich broke vineyards, but he did not break with his anti-alcohol campaign, and Dmitry Konstantinovich – on the contrary: drink, good people!

He himself is the main bottle in this collection.

Kiselev looks very good against the background of filled wine bottles, just shines. The same shiny, spilling, corked, like this Crimean wine. He is the main bottle in this collection.

Why Crimean? Because Krymnash. Why else? Because he lives there periodically, he bought land. He lives happily, I must say: either he will host a rap festival there, or advertise wine. Does he have anything from this? God knows.

Old propagandist, proven, winner Dudya. But no, it’s already updated. When he started (when Ukraine began), he did not choose expressions. Either his gays should be on fire, or America should turn into radioactive ash, or he will lie about the Maidan, take it inexpensively. Then, however, he apologizes through several programs: they say, excuse me, good people, the devil has beguiled, the error came out. But who will believe that apology, but who will notice it ?!

But, having headed a reputable news agency, Kiselev became more serious. This, remember, how Malakhov became more serious when he began to conduct “Five Evenings”: about social affairs, about civil society – and no yellowness. People then immediately stopped watching this Malakhov, but they simply did not understand the humor, and Andryusha returned to his image. That’s how Dmitry Kiselev is.

He is now a respectable Maine, a servant of the people and His Excellency. Now he leads his “News of the week” – the mosquito will not undermine his nose. He does not allow himself any liberties. Probably, he got a call from there, from above, and asked not to do more such stupid things – after all, the face of the channel. Or he himself guessed, a smart man.

No, he is still ready to fulfill any request of his superiors, but now he will not offend anyone. He will simply, clearly and intelligibly convey to the ward people everything he wants to say … not he himself, of course, but those who graze him day and night. There will be no more punctures, sorry.

Here he is hiding behind the broad back of his comrade, colleague in misfortune, Vladimir Solovyov. He comes off in full, intones, has fun, mimics, substitutes. Against this background, Dmitry looks like a kind investigator, and Soloviev looks like an evil one. And before, everything was the other way around …

“Cinema about wine” got the best time, the evening prime time. Wedged between Putin and Solovyov’s night trills. Does he get the people drunk? Yes you! Raises production, stands up for jobs, ennobles Crimea. Solid, kind gentleman-hope.

With a stroller for life

Alexander Gorbunov is the host of the very popular telegram channel Stalingulag. He is 27 years old, he came to Moscow from Makhachkala. A wheelchair user with spinal muscular atrophy.

Photo: Still from video

Such is the person. Cheerful, with an amazing sense of humor. And so he decided to make a new program on YouTube – “On Wheels”. The idea is simple: Alexander calls in for his hero, who is not at all disabled, he also sits in a wheelchair, and they drive around Moscow, talk, and at the same time they check and show people what it is like to live here, sick, not walking.

The first was Internet guru Artemy Lebedev, the second – Alexei Navalny. Gorbunov’s trip with Navalny through our most beautiful, renewed capital in the world turned out to be a heartbreaking sight.

Gorbunov has a stroller with a motor, dear, Navalny has an ordinary one, for a little over three thousand rubles, which is given to all newly ill patients. In fact, it will break after a few months – it will definitely break. But who cares, because the next wheelchair for a disabled person is not allowed until seven years later …

But we are about Moscow. For example, I walk on its wide (well, very wide!) Sidewalks and rejoice. Well, yes, I’m a pedestrian and not a wheelchair user yet. True, now the repair season has begun again, which cannot be stopped – you can only end it. However, in Moscow it has always been like this – remember

“I walk around Moscow”: “This is the fourth time you dig here.”

And what about the disabled? Has life become better, more fun? And how many people driving down the street in a wheelchair did you see yesterday, today? Where are they all? Here in Europe and America – it is full, immediately striking. Whether they are driving so confidently or driving them – it doesn’t matter. But we have …

In the USSR, this was generally full of seams, for the disabled were considered second-class people: sit at home and do not pettyuk, do not pretend to be healthy, do not spoil the landscape. In our difficult times, yes, it has become better: modern buses are adapted for them, and new metro stations, and newly built houses have ramps. But this is a drop in the ocean.

The heroic man Gorbunov always lives like this. But now Navalny felt on his own skin what it is like to be a wheelchair user in Moscow, the best city on earth. And people willingly helped to put him on the subway, on escalators, went around fresh potholes with him after the next road repair … Navalny behaved adequately, staunchly. He was recognized in places, some took selfies with him. But I was more impressed by Sasha Gorbunov. Here’s a guy, that’s such a guy! With such humor, intelligence, conscience and honor – and free.

His program turned out to be quite fateful. Interviewer Gorbunov is just wonderful. I really want this project to be for a long time.