Dlunk se vm vysmv? Let’s advise you on how to get a pension from him

Even though you have proof of a loan to another hunter, you don’t have to get your pension back. Dlunk does not seem to the castle and with his approach two it is clear that you probably will not retire. This situation was first performed by Jaromr from Prague, to whom he owed several thousand crowns.

“Two years ago, he approached me, among other things, with a very good knowledge that due to problems in the family he got into a difficult financial situation and if I could get him three thousand,” said Jaromr. He didn’t grind for a long time and even his wife wasn’t against it. The hunter, whose pension they drank, is an old pn, lka.

The long letter didn’t help him

Pesto did not want to give him his pension just for a good word, and that is why he wrote a letter together with the fact that the doctor of the pension was drilling into six months. Pl year passed and pensions nowhere. Jaromr asked to go msc and then called him. He excused himself that he had no pension and that he should go for a while. And so Jaromr waited.

“From time to time I reminded the doctor, called him and when he stopped picking up the phone, I sent him a few SMS,” he added. In the end, he gave up: “My wife and I said we wouldn’t have time to deal with it anymore, we’d just unzip the three thousand.”

Already recently, Jaromr learned that the doctor had drank a few people in this way, after about ten, and he did not intend to offer any of them a pension. “It bothered me and I decided, when it was not good, to get my pension back in court,” said Jaromr.

Pile all documents about the loan

Since you have to prove that you have paid the pension to the debtor, because you bear the burden of proof in court, it is most important to have such evidence in hand. Of course, it is best in writing.

“This step is one of the longest. You must have as many documents as possible about the fact that you really provided the debtor with pensions, how much it was and when he was supposed to repay it, ”adds Rostislav Kov from the free counseling portal www.poradnaveritele.cz.

If you have not written anything with the debtor, an entry from me will also help me if you sent him the pension by bank transfer.

Of course, you can file an lawsuit yourself, but it is better to consult with an element and a lawyer about what I should look like, who will exchange the claim of experience. “A large number of companies are returning due to formal shortcomings,” warns Kov.

File a petition for a payment order with the court

On the basis of your action and even without hearing the debt, the court can issue a payment order, which is the result of a shortened trial, unlike the usual lengthy court process.

You can also submit a proposal for a payment order electronically. In this way, it has long been popular among people, only last year there were several hundred thousand prints. The condition is that you have an electronic signature and be able to fill in the formula. So uette on the court fee. For withdrawals up to 15 thousand crowns, pay 300 crowns, for withdrawals then two percent of the allotted deposit.

Court fees are very expensive

In order for the court to deal with the case, it is necessary to pay a court fee. “At the same time, it happens that the creditor forgets to pay the court fee, which is paid directly to the court and then he is surprised that the court will still not deal with their case,” said Kov. If you win the long-term dispute, you will receive a court fee back.

The amendment to the law on court fees, which should apply from the autumn of this year (it was approved by the Chamber of Deputies in May), will bring a significant increase in the current court fees. There will also be an application fee for a paid penitch. So if you are going to file a lawsuit against a hunter who owes me, do not hesitate and use it as soon as possible.

In court fee
Payment Agreements – Money Disputes (v. Appeal)
Plat nyn Mlo by platit
up to 15 thousand crowns – fee 600 crowns up to 20 thousand crowns – fee 1 thousand crowns
in the amount of over 15 thousand crowns – a fee of 4% of the allotted amount, max. 1 million crowns in the amount of over 20 thousand to 40 million crowns – a fee of 5% of the allotted stka
in the amount of over 40 million crowns – a fee of 2 million crowns and 1% of the amount exceeding 40 million with the fact that the amount over 250 million is not included
Electronic payment orders
Plat nyn Mlo by platit
up to 15 thousand crowns – fee 300 crowns up to 20 thousand crowns – fee 800 crowns
in excess of 15 thousand crowns – a fee of 2% of the allotted fee over 20 thousand crowns – a fee of 4% of the allotted
Source: www.poradnaveritele.cz

The drain gives a drain resistance

As soon as the court issues a payment order, the debtor has to pay the debt, including the court costs, 15 days from its delivery. Even at this moment, you can’t be sure that you will pay. If the respondent does not agree with the payment order, he must file a written appeal in writing within the same 15 days with the court that issued the payment order. No fees are charged for resisting.

If the long-term resistance is actually under, the payment order is darkened and the court over the standard one, during which the whole dispute will be resolved.

In the event that the debtor does not pay the set time limit and does not pay the debt, then the payment order takes precedence. If you don’t pay the sweat, you can refer your case to the executor for exchange.

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