Discounts and 70 percent? Please note that even sales can sell

So belong to those who poured a pension under the tree, and a voucher? Make sure you buy more for them in December than in December. Discounts are vudyptomn, but you still have them with a reserve.

Sellers have a lot of time because they love discounts. That is why there are also among the merchants who misuse the “buy-in”.

“Often there are false discounts, when the seller does not actually bear the price of the product at all and uses the word ‘discount’ only as a magic spell to alert the unobtrusive consumer to the purchase,” says Luk Zelen, a three-time first counselor at dTest magazine.

Or it happens that some stores, on the other hand, raise prices so that they can then dream them to the original level and spend this difference at a discount. All such cases fulfill the signs of deceptive business practices and are therefore in conflict with the law.

The magic word “a”

Beware of “discount and 70 percent” wording. Their main goal is to get vs into the store. There, however, it appears that the maximum discount applies only to a piece of goods, the eclipse of the assortment remains inexpensive.

And how much the goods actually cost should be clear at a glance.

Customers often come across the claim that the discounted assortment does not pay a fee, or is limited. “Nothing like this is possible, even for goods purchased at a discount salary, a cancellation fee of 24 months. The exception is your discount, which was provided for a product defect. It is not possible to complain about such a defect, all other defects of the given goods are canceled, ”explains Luk Zelen and adds that due to such discounts, the customer must be informed when buying and this fact should be confirmed on the proof of purchase. It is not possible to provide a discount for defects that will arise in the future. That would be a circumcision.

“We advise customers not to make impulsive buying decisions and always check whether the goods are actually cheaper and such a purchase is actually the bill. In this case, they should not agree to the fact that they would give up their first-ever guaranteed purchase by purchasing discounted goods, ”points out Luk Zelen.

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