Did you report the loss in the card to the bank? Even the dog is responsible for the codes

If you lose your card and you have not taken out insurance against the loss of your payment card, you should be responsible for any codes yourself at least for an hour, even if you immediately reported the stolen card to the bank.

Sunbathing on the sun, pleasant laziness and activities, which he does not need during the year. We combine this with holidays and holidays. Usually, let’s not forget about the nice pages of holidays, especially about criminal activity, only with the sins of God, so much related. Armor with the cross can only be limited, so it is time you know how to prescribe the next code, when we become their victim.

Keep a cool head and call immediately

If you drank a credit card on holiday, it is always important to keep a cool head and act. The fastest way to prevent possible misuse of the card and prevent the code from going through is to block it by phone.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to get the right phone call. Therefore, your luggage should not lack a connection to the bank (especially the phone to report the loss and theft of the card) or to your bank adviser.


Voln z R

from abroad

272 771 111 x
Citibank 233 062 222 x
S 800 207 207 582 405 405
UNDER 495 800 111 x
eBanka 800 124 200 222 115 200
GE MB 272 771 111 x
HVB 800 162 946 224 221 017
KB 222 412 230 x
PS 495 800 111 x
RB 800 900 000 417 941 446
Volksbank 495 800 111 x
IBA 800 122 412 224 232 423

You will have a quiet day and the next day

The time it takes for the bank to block / stop payment of the payment card usually corresponds to a few hours left until the full day of the day when you reported the lost card. The bank will assume the responsibility for the unauthorized transaction with the stolen card. If you lose your card and do not have a payment insurance policy for the loss of a payment card, the period is from 48 hours before the loss is reported and after a full day of telephone blocking. This means that no matter if you report the theft of your own card to the bank, be responsible for driving for at least an hour on your own.

Depending on the type of credit card you drank. Blocking an electronic payment card is usually a matter of minutes. In addition, for some electronic cards, a PIN is always required to confirm a transaction, including payments at the store, which significantly reduces the risk of misuse.

with discount cards uette

On the contrary, the embossed card on the international stop list takes several hours and in most PIN card transactions do not state at all. You authorize card operations only with your signature. The risk of misuse of a payment card is therefore paradoxical in the case of a “quality” embossed card than in an electronic card.

These problems solve technology. It will always be necessary to confirm the transaction with a PIN. The technology thus prevents, for example, a copy of information from the card (today from a magnetic stripe), which at least is not possible with the ip.

Insurance against misuse of a payment card pays off

To avoid nerves, you can insure your credit card against loss. The insurance usually does not only apply to the payment card itself. often covers the costs associated with the exchange of lost keys and personal documents. It can replace the cash you have withdrawn with the card and drank the common pension, as well as compensate for the fee for blocked cards (or its amount) and often includes a fee for issuing a replacement card.

Bank Blocking / stopping fee
leaflets in K
When the bank for the transaction (without insurance) Price insured in K How you are connected
BAWAG Bank 100/1 000 from the full day of blocking 0 72 hours before the end of the blocking day
Citibank 0 1 hour after blocking 948only for KK *** 72 hours before blocking
S 200/500 48 hours before blocking * 170-480 96 hours before blocking
UNDER 200/2 000 24 hours before blocking 150-1300 72 hours before blocking
eBanka 200/1 900 1 hour after blocking 230-720 120 hours before the end of the day of blocking
GIVE 100/2000 after blocking / from full day of blocking 228 – 324 72 hours before blocking
HVB 100/1500 after blocking 300-500 from the moment of loss, max. 5 days
KB 150/2 000 from the full day of blocking 192-276 from blocking
PS 0/2 000 from full day of blocking ** 0-1300 24 hours before blocking
RB 200/2 000 after blocking 0 from the date of the day of blocking
Volksbank 200/2 000 after blocking 150-1300 72 hours before blocking
IBA 0 from the full day of blocking 250-300 72 hours before the end of the blocking day


* KK = kreditn karty

Help me and the bank’s emergency service
If you find yourself abroad without any funds and you are the holder of an embossed international payment card, you have the so-called emergency service of your bank. This includes sending irreplaceable payment cards abroad (at a price of approx. 4 thousand crowns, the whole process takes 3 days), as well as sending cash (the price of the intermediary is around 3 thousand crowns and usually takes a short time to pay irresponsible payment cards).

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