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“Destroyed politicians”: Ukrainian TV show without Zelensky became unfunny

In the best traditions of our propaganda, I will start with Ukraine. Which, of course, is not Russia, but this is ours, such is our own in the board.

And why in Russia it never happened

Evening Quarter is the best show I’ve ever known. The funniest and the most ridiculous, the most reckless and evil, in the best sense of the word. They were there, in Ukraine, so they mocked their politicians, their president (former) – mom, do not cry. So talentedly hollowed them out, ridiculed them, undressed them – that’s something! Well, it’s a pleasure to watch this spectacle.

Professor Zelensky was in charge there. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, current President of All Ukraine. He was the best there, the most talented and incendiary. He wrote these sketches together with his beloved wife, and he also performed them. He parodied (and how he parodied!) And his “master” Kolomoisky, and the same Gunpowder, and mayor Klitschko, and the unconventional radical Lyashko. He just destroyed them. And so he became president.

Now, as president, he can hardly do anything, only wants. But you know what it’s called ?! And he became the first person in the state, in general, for a big joke, with the help of the brilliant series “Servant of the People”. Of course, he, Zelensky, is a patriot, of course, he is offended for the state, but then … silence. He is afraid of offending those and those, wants to please everyone, to please everyone. Well, yes, he’s an artist, a great artist.

He was the best comedian in the country, the most courageous, the freest, and after becoming president … In our shows, Solovyov calls him a president at best, pats him on the head, regrets (well, as in The Ordinary Miracle, Mironov called Leonov “our king”) … Yes, Zelensky is ridiculous, but now it’s different. This is called “laughing chickens.”

And without Zelensky, “Evening Quarter” is already dying out. As if something important, important, some kind of core fell out of him. Now they will send, stupidly mock, but not at all funny, or rather, not witty. After all, Vladimir Zelensky took many of his friends into power, to the Rada, to his office, and how can Kvartal now whip his homies in the face? How to finish off your boss Zelensky, he will be offended. Well, such a good person!

Two negatives make an affirmative? I don’t know, this is not mathematics for you. It was the best show in the country (but what about the country, the entire former USSR, where there is “Ural dumplings”), and now nothing. There was a wonderful comedian, just wonderful, and now Nobody, Mr. Nobody.

The other day “Kvartal” sang a Ukrainian folk song about how the house of the former chairman of the National Bank Gontareva burned down, and the famous choir of Grigory Verevka attracted there. It turned out nonsense, mockery. Exactly the same thing happened with Vladimir Zelensky with Mr. Trump – the same nonsense. Moral: everyone is good in his place, and when a person does not his own business, then stupidity turns out. And not funny at all.

Passion for the “Voice”

I have already prepared a blank. I already wanted to crush this disgusted “Voice” at last. I already wanted to write: enough, as long as possible, the same thing. And where are your meanings, guys?

Photo: Still from video

In Voice 60 I saw these meanings, they lay on the surface. Well, yes, become always young, forever young, and you will be happy. Do not be discouraged, do not slouch under the weight of problems and diseases, walk with your head held high. Here it is, the Stanislavsky super task!

But then on the First Channel, they immediately started another “Voice”, already the eighth in a row, without stopping, without pauses. And that’s when I prepared my blank. How will we surprise? Nothing, everything is the same: members of the jury, singers and singers, turns in the chair. Or non-reversals. And the eternal Nagiyev, of course. No other ideas?

And then I turned it on, looked … Damn it, I take my words back again. Again he cried and laughed, scolded what the light was worth of this Shnurov for the fact that he did not even turn around, did not blink an eye. I was happy like a child when they all reacted to a bald singer, so wonderful (or weird?). Blank, homework did not work again.

And I understood what the point was. I found him. It is simple as truth. But the truth is that this format (not by us, unfortunately, invented by the Dutch) is dedicated to the essence of each individual person. Here is taken a man, with all his shortcomings, passions and victories, and exhibited on the stage, in the window, as if naked. And you see him, understand and love him, and everyone. And on one side and on the other side of this scene. Yes, and you love Meladze (who is Konstantin), and Shnurov (although for what?), And Syutkin, of course, and let alone Polina Gagarina … That’s who made me happy. After all, when she started in The Voice, it was pewter, wooden, glass, not like my dear Pelageya. And now Gagarin seems to have been replaced: alive, light, natural. And all the emotions on her face, on her beautiful face …

In a word, “The Voice” again mesmerized, I can’t help myself. There will be no rout, one eulogy. So much for your homework.

Kirill burns

On TV there is such a sign: if Kirill Kleimenov suddenly appears instead of Ekaterina Andreeva … Is it for the rain? No, to big political events.

Photo: Still from video

There were rumors again that Katya had been removed, that Katya was bored. How long can you be the face of the First? Such a handsome, official person. And now Kirill, he is burning again.

In fact, he is in charge of all the information of the channel, that is, the big boss. But the big boss in the frame is the song! He creates, sings, plays his role, like some people’s artist of the USSR. He revels in this role, loves it. Well, from my beloved. Can express such passages that it becomes scary. Someone will blush, someone will be proud or smile. Only these will be real, living emotions. That is why Kirill Kleimenov, the head of all the propagandists of the first button, is good.

He is sincere to the point. Or does it play so well in this sincerity, disguises itself? In every next second you don’t even know what will come out of him, what he will do, say. Yes, it will always be a surprise.

In fact, I know Kirill, he is a good guy. He goes to football, is a fan of Spartak. An excellent family man, merciless to enemies … But such wonderful people are also non-trivial hosts of the “Time” program. Once he even interceded for Kirill Serebrennikov, such a fellow.

What else can we expect from Mr. Kleimenov? I personally think that one fine moment he will stand on his hands and walk around the studio. Or he will dance a hopaka, talking about Ukraine. No words, this is a very great master of words.