Den D: Kucha 750 tisc korun nedostal, ale projekt se postm lbil

For two days you could vote on whether to advise investors to invest in a round of vaen. A total of 1,200 dogs voted. Almost 800 of the pension would not recommend investing, but the pesto npad saw an interesting 420 votes. In the end, the kitchen did not get a pension.

Libor Novk has been living in gastronomy. As sm k, it’s enough to see it. The investor requires 750,000 for its catering project for 10% of the profit. A new big vision: he would like to buy a bike, he would take clients to cook lessons abroad and he would like to start catering for small groups. Sm traveled to Mexico, Jordan and Bali, for example.

He wants to get closer to the general public by placing his bike in the shopping center. Ondej Barto wonders if this idea can be turned into business. “Urit can be used to make a business out of it, abroad it works. And most of all, I enjoy the job. I want to do this for the rest of my life, ”Novk said.

750 thousand is not a small amount. Investors are therefore not surprised by the question of how the kitchen wants to get a pension. Novk would share a kitchen for 500 thousand and leave the remaining 250 thousand for a break. According to his own words, the tenant decides what to learn about the bike.

“I want to do it professionally. I want to do it in Michelin. I would like to put it at a high gastronomic level, ”said Novk.

“Michelin course in the shopping center,” wonders Dana Brov. “I didn’t get the Michelin star personally,” said Libor Novk. “But I would like to go somewhere where I’m learning,” he added.

As proof of his culinary skills, he brought to the tasting of boob. He probably wanted to impress Tomia Okamura the most, because he also added a little Asian pot in the form of pine eyes. Take the investor’s taste really tasted.

“Libor, have you ever been in business?” Marta Novkov asks. “I did business when I sold that one and then the apples by the roadside,” Novk said. Tm undermined his authority a bit, but Tomio Okamura would interview elsewhere and deal with the financial side of the project. It is claimed that it is not possible to build a luxury kitchen for a few people at a rate of 500 thousand. Avak Libor Novk ace in the sleeve. His father owns a kitchen studio, he would also help him with the equipment.

Novk wants 2-3 thousand crowns for one vaen course. This seems to investors as an indication for the afternoon preparation of food in the shopping center. He asked them who will actually attend these courses. Ivan Piln pauses to think that he cannot imagine the target group for this project.

Kadopdn Libor Novk did not receive 750 thousand crowns, even though his stink tasted good and the unhealthy “unhealthy” food went to Tom Okamura.

Would you advise investors to put their pensions in a round of vaen?

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