Den D: Kamiok si ekl o milion na pouh prototyp gare

Jan Petr went to the D-Day program to present his “revolutionary novelty”. Sliding gar. Investors are demanding one million crowns to build a prototype and offer 10 percent of the potential profit.

“It’s a gar that is a pull-out. Not visible from the sidewalk or from any path. You can also park six cars in one parking space, ”Petr presents his project and obviously hopes that the investors will be astonishment.

Investors are a little bloated. Not a bag from a revolutionary idea, but on the contrary from the fact that Petr didn’t even find out if there was such a thing.

Michael Rostock asked Peter if he was in New York. “Unfortunately, I was not in New York. I drove all over Europe from Hungary and England with a truck, I also drove all the cities and flags, ”replied kamiok. “The first thing you say is at two streets in the streets and parks of New York,” Rostock explains his original question.

Peter is grieving that he saw something similar on his travels only about twice, and moreover it had only one floor. But we don’t have to fly to America to inspect the sliding gar. Tomio Okamura has been parked in such a park even for a few years.

“I’ll use the tow truck for seven years,” to Okamura, “there’s sweat, flash it, pp it. In the pocket of the mm card, which I only drink, it pp, it opens up for me, my car starts, it automatically parks there, again pp, it automatically evaporates. Not only six cars can fit in such a garage, but there are 42 of them and you can’t see anything from the outside. ”

The only investment in the two disappointing Jan Peter for the truth is that the pull-out truck is not produced in the Czech Republic, but is used by German companies. Mr. Petr caught the insurgent and founded his presentation on the fact that he wants to make the factory with us.

Npad piel with motorcycle

Marta Novková is interested in how to play this case. “My son bought a motorcycle, but he lived in a panel, so I have nowhere to go. He would have to ride the dog all over the city and park it in a barn with someone he knew. Outside, they could be damaged by some vandal. So I first figured out that a sliding garage for motorcycles could stand in front of the panel, ”explains Petr.

One million crowns, which the inventor demands, is for a prototype. But that’s not really necessary. Here, too, Petr’s bag finds a loophole. What is created is for large companies, but Peter would like to offer such gar people to their house or in front of the panel. You never saw how much such a building would cost.

According to Marta Novkov, the budget submitted by the investor does not include all the needs and calculations related to the construction. Petrv nvrh looks as if the owner of such a gare ml toit rumplem to pull the car underground. None of the investors are interested in such a project.

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