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Zan it spit. Here and there, the hunter asks you about the mdnm syndrome, or ten, how to schedule your work. For pr msc u start looking for these tips. I feel that he and u dohov aei he mv prci chaos. Often this condition causes a lot of stress.

Due to robotics and digitization, a number of professions will eventually disappear. Instead, a new one appears. For example happiness manaer, esky manaer tst. He will be responsible for ensuring that the company is staffed by satisfied employees who will fly to work. I know this unrealistically, but today in a number of companies, there is someone in the internal communication department who will perform this function. It performs teambuildings, psychological courses or sports events so that employees can relieve accumulated stress.

It pays off. An analysis of Grafton Recruitment’s labor market shows that 60 percent of them spend a lot of work on their hard work, and two-thirds more stress and exhaustion. They are most often women and people with a basic education. The analysis shows that only 14 percent of people do not feel stress at work, to marketing manager Grafton Recruitment Jitka Soukov.

On the contrary, 18 percent are stressed at work every day, more than half of those surveyed then feel both occasionally, but regularly. Mon, stressed employees would not be so interested in the company if it did not result in problems. The high level of work stress significantly affects the productivity and satisfaction of employees and causes high turnover. In times of lack of work, this is a very uncommon phenomenon, adds Jitka Soukov.

Jga a dlouh obdy

Internal well-being for your people is what the employer dreams of capturing in the benefits today. Someone is involved in sports, others in educational programs on mental health, and have given them long working hours. More than half of the business service centers provide their employees with the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and courses aimed at relieving stress or improving their skills, and more than 20 percent of employees in this field have a dedicated person, manager and consultant responsible for employee mental well-being, says Jonathan Appleton, ABSL association, which brings together companies from the field of business services.

According to him, companies respond not only to tiredness, but also to want to prevent stress at work at all in a well-established personal and work life. Employees appreciate that the company will provide them with support in this regard by teaching them to concentrate and manage work and respond first, Jonathan Appleton said.

Typical benefits available directly in the office are yoga courses, relaxation corners, training lessons for stress management, work-life balance, relaxation or a healthy lifestyle. However, anti-stress measures include, for example, the period of breaks, work from home, breakdowns and the end of working hours.

Some companies use psychologists

Send your employer straight to company psychologists. Aleto are just isolated cases. According to a three-year-old study, only 16 percent of companies in the European Union state that they use the services of a psychologist. Among the first are Hungary and Finland, where less than half a company specializes in mental health. For comparison, in the Czech Republic, only seven percent of companies can boast of this promise.

One of them is, for example, SAP Services. All our employees have free access to professional advice, which helps to deal with difficult situations in personal and professional life. Therefore, not only the employee, but also his family members can call me for advice, describes Lenka Pospilov from the human resources of SAP Services.

According to our scientific studies, they only confirm that such a well-off people are better off and able to make positive changes in their lives. Psychologists are available to staff on the phone 24 hours. We also support them in other areas, for example if they need to solve a problem in the field of finance, they have financial experts and the like, adds Lenka Pospilov.

The new trend is mindfulness

Only a handful of Czech companies in most branches of multinational corporations are handing out new benefits for employees, so-called mindfulness programs. Mindfulness is a scientific method that allows you to learn to work with your thoughts. The main benefits from the employer’s point of view are satisfied and efficient employees, who work better with their surroundings, are stressed by me, stick to the center and their work is more efficient, explains Jitka Soukov from Grafton Recruitment.

Mental Health Allies has developed a unique Mental Health Allies project for its 1,500 employees. We want to create a culture where I can talk about my mental health and how to help a colleague who is having problems introduces a new product from Vrnov from Accenture R. The program includes a free counseling, online course, just introduces them to the basics. concepts and ways in which they can support their psyche, the application will change to a quality sleep and anonymous chat.

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