Defer the majority of the lease and the lease payments, to experts

Leased cars are much cheaper. But is it really that convenient? There are two types of leasing for us. Operational, which is mainly for entrepreneurs, and financial, which can be forced by everyone. On in about leasing you asked in an online interview.

The best is financial leasing. Pay only the first installment in advance and you can take it easy. But you just rent a car. You will own it and when to pay all the installments of the company’s leases.

When operating leasing, just rent a car. It will never be yours. In contrast to financial leasing, it has the advantage that the leasing and leasing company has a compulsory and accident insurance. This includes the payment of road tax, assistance service, gossip and possible repairs.

Lately, people do not use leasing, incl. Did the company’s leases see a noticeable decline? What about the last installment? And what if someone steals my car on lease? Not only did you ask about this in the online interview (you will learn more about the decline in leasing interest in the previous article).

SOB Leasing has been offering a novelty since mid-April. When you apply for a new lease, you are required to obtain a free one-year warranty. You must arrange a financial lease or return in cooperation with selected insurance companies when buying a vehicle from a dealer who cooperates with the company.

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